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Imagination and humour … the two qualities that humans possess (well perhaps not all of us, but that is another tale) that set us firmly apart from our animal friends.

As we grow away from childhood, our imaginations mostly take somewhat of a backseat as our attention is captivated by life’s realities. One would hope that our sense of humour remains strong throughout this process, but that is another story.

Although we might eventually lose the ability to turn our bath into a pirate ship or leave a note for the fairies, our imagination still lurks in our minds and works in other ways, either enhancing (I mean, how do we get through those dreary minutes without a bit of a daydream) – or detracting from our daily lives.

Our imagination has the ability to impact us in a negative fashion and can often get the better of us when it comes to an event that is one we aren’t particularly looking forward to (or downright dreading, as the case may be). Often, we find with the benefit of hindsight that it absolutely wasn’t as bad as we imagined it might be at all – as in the ubiquitous dentist chair, hospital bed, public speaking and job interview fears.

Amazingly enough, on the flipside of this however – our imagination has the ability to pull together an oppositional force of overwhelming hope when it is fired up on the anticipation of something we are actually really looking forward to happening. 

Isn’t it often the case that sheer anticipation can be often quite a lot better than the actual event? Purely because the imagination ran a bit wild in projecting a flawless and idyllic scenario that just didn’t allow for any margin for error at all. 

Pesky imagination, better to be a pessimist or a cynic perhaps, but a life without this delicious kind of anticipation is no life at all …

Speaking of delicious anticipation – is it lunch yet? And of course, there’s a tie-in to the dining-out experience, where the imagined scenario could possibly be far more fulfilling than the reality. 

It happened to me recently on a pilgrimage to a world heritage listed Sicilian village, where our GPS on a hair-raising drive on a baking hot day led us to an unremarkable little café proclaimed by many an expert to have “the best gelato in the world”.

Needless to say, the real time version of the moment of finally procuring this incredible gelato did not remotely live up to imagined scenario …

Kids were hot and bothered, adults were stressed out, there was a misunderstanding with waitstaff regarding the ordering process, the place was jam packed … Without going into excruciating detail, it was pretty much a train wreck and certainly not the Chef’s Table rustic Sicilian soul food experience we’d seen on TV. 

Anyway, reminder to self that everything is subjective, and pinpointing the blame on one particular entity is pointless. It would be so easy to unleash one’s frustration on the café itself for its not so welcoming service (aka busy and flustered) or the fact that the place was overrun by tourists like ourselves who had all apparently watched the same episode of Chef’s Table.

However, on closer introspection the gelato itself was actually pretty amazing. Luckily so, as it’s basically going to take a life changing dessert miracle to appease a grumpy and exhausted group of five adults and five kids trekking to some far flung Sicilian town on a Sunday morning for gelato.

Moral of story – life throws curveballs. Imagination is just that – an imagined thing. Chef’s Table employs state of the art cinematography. Ice-cream always helps …enough said. 

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