Palate Pleasures, Cheers!

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There’s something about this month that makes many of us a bit crazy. A potent combination of the onset of summer, the increasing frenzy of hurtling towards Christmas, the projects and deadlines of work to be completed before the summer holidays. And then of course, there’s the ramping up of one’s social life to off the Richter Scale proportions!

Christmas parties, graduations, leaving dos, presentations and award ceremonies. You name it, it all happens in December. Kris Kringles, long lunches, office parties and all kinds of shindigs go down.

And so they should, you say – bottoms up! And cheers! 

December is kind of like a get-out-jail-free card. All those tightly held and most virtuous routines and regimes can now be abandoned with glee! Exercise? Who seriously has enough time for that in December! Healthy eating? It is now mandatory for salads and smoothies at lunch to be replaced by carbs and champers. Work? Well, considering that there’s still stuff to be done, it is rather amazing that it can be perfectly OK for the work day to end at 12pm on the dot and for your team to retire to the pub around the corner ‘til at least knock off time.

Of course, all of this merriment calls for the opening of many bottles of the alcoholic kind. Now’s the time to take to your tipple. Whether it’s a mean martini, a cold brew or a never ending supply of bubbles – ‘tis the season. 

Distillers, brewers and winemakers across the globe contribute lavishly to sore heads on every street …

Yet somehow the glee and gloss of December starts to wear a little thin, and we may start to crave a little down time and a lot of detox. But bravely, we soldier on – as we know it’s a long old haul ‘til January 10.

Is there a better way? Do we even want to mess with the time-honoured traditions of December?

Our livers might say yes, but somehow we yet again are swept away by the season. It becomes second nature to once again head off into the night for another soiree.

But of late there appears to be a brave new world out there for those jaded by overindulgence of the alcoholic kind – opening different kinds of bottles in the spirit of celebration … The world’s first non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip has been enjoying an enormous surge of popularity. 

Made from the finest botanicals on the same vein as premium gins, these beverages deliver the same sort of prestige and sense of occasion as their alcoholic cousins. 

No longer having to submit to the humble old lemon lime and bitters or lime and soda as a substitute to a lovely glass of wine may assist one in feeling a little less dowdy for not partaking in hangover inducing beverages …

As always, however, if fancy soft drinks don’t float your boat, the old “everything in moderation” maxim always rings true, and it is indeed possible to summon up the staying power to sail through the entire festive season and beyond if you just manage to not play all your cards at one table …

Having said all that though, if you somehow find yourself just “going with the flow”- so to speak – don’t despair … you are in good company! Whichever way you decide to tackle December, fill it with friends, family, delicious food and lots of love.

(And if you do decide to celebrate with us this month, know that something good can come out of your hangover by helping someone in our region who isn’t so fortunate, by every one at your table contributing one extra dollar to your bill in order to help the local homeless via #streetsmartaustralia #dinesmart )


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