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There’s a very particular recipe at play when it comes to building a team in any business. A sprinkle of this personality, a little bit of this visionary, a good dose of hard work, and a bucket load of passion and then some go into producing the crucial epicentre of an organisation.

Adding another layer of complexity to this “recipe” is the fact that there’s not a passive ingredient in sight, but a collection of actual living, breathing humans here, and they all come with … well … what we all come with – vastly differing and infinitely individual belief systems and personalities. 

Factor in the daily demands of the workplace, spending loads of time with the same few people, and you have yourself the final product of “team”. 

It’s all about who we are, how we work together, how efficiently our business runs and how organised it is. It’s about finding a balance within all these variables and hopefully reaching a point where all the forces at play seem to complement and enhance each other, where a shared work ethic and cohesive vision can be felt throughout the group and somehow bring our the very best in each other.

In an ideal world, this would be a piece of cake, but in the real world it is pretty much impossible. People are, after all, people. Not robots, not computers, but living, breathing beings that come with all the beauty, power, forces of nature, as well as all the unpredictability that comes with humanity at large. 

It isn’t an easy feat. They call it “human resources” – this attempting to populate a workplace with fellow humans and then somehow run a profitable business, whilst simultaneously keeping said people happy, productive and in regular paycheques. Doing all this whilst keeping the other important (make that indispensable) bunch of people happy – the actual customers themselves, without whom this house of cards woudn’t even remotely exist …

Time to take a deep breath here …

There’s no denying that recruiting and maintaining a great team is one of the absolutely hugest challenge of running any business. Factor in external challenges, such as attempting to do this all this in a regional area, where the available and suitable candidates are way fewer and further between, adds an extra dimension of difficulty – and then some. It definitely doesn’t help matters either, when you are searching for people with very particular skills and levels of experience.

It seems so improbable, but somehow – more often than not – it all comes together. Running a successful business and having passion for what you do doesn’t hurt matters. In this day and age, one can still never underestimate the power of word of mouth when it comes to finding the right people. And if that fails, we always have our friend of the moment, social media – a huge and ever-expanding player when it comes to connecting with people everywhere, and one that certainly assists with getting on the radar in our industry. 

As “they” say, there’s no “I” in team and rapport is mandatory – in-jokes and laughter need to be interspersed amongst the hard work going on. Letting off steam after a busy night with a couple of beers is par for the course. This is how teams really get “built”, forget the paintballing and trust exercises – it’s all about getting through the challenges of the working day and having a few good folks to share the load with. And laugh (or occasionally cry) about it …

And somehow, after all that’s been said and done – I seem to be surrounded by the most incredible team. Now, there’s proof it can be done!

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