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Ossix Swimwear, Port Macquarie’s own locally designed and manufactured swimwear label, will be officially launched with a gala fashion parade and party at the Macquarie Hotel on Saturday the 14th of March.

According to designer Amy Shwarze, “I don’t want Ossix to be your average bikini company; we are really trying to have an edge. I want to capture a grungy, hardcore feel. As far as I know, no one’s really doing this. Ossix is for girls with attitude and style. I’d be disappointed if someone thought my designs were ‘pretty’. I’d be happy if they were thought of as ‘hot’, ‘different’, ‘mad’! I’d like girls to put on a pair of swimmers and feel like they have all the guts in the world, psyche up and go jump a 30 ft ramp on a motorbike, or charge a 15 ft pit at Teachupoo. 

“I’d like to sponsor and support more girls down the track. We are already supporting women’s body boarding and sponsoring Australian champion body boarder, Lilly Pollard,” continues Amy.

“I get my inspiration from watching Fuel TV and MTV. I also get really inspired by music festivals, not so much the performers, but also all the freaks and the peeps walking around! 

“I also love working with and supporting youth. Port has the coolest young kids; they are the best. The Ossix Launch is raising money and awareness for the ‘Youth Homelessness Matters Day’ coming up on the 1st April. People may not be aware that there can be up to 120 young people without a secure place to go home to at any given night in our area.”

One of the swimsuits from Ossix

One of the swimsuits from Ossix

The launch is being pulled together with the generous support of Fever hair salon, Blush beauty salon, photographer Laurie Klipple from Twisted images, makeup artist Kelly Flood, Belinda from Little Red Vamp, Aloka Canziani Jewellery, and of course the Macquarie Hotel! Most of these people are new and just starting out, so it’s a great opportunity for them to be creative and show off their talents on the night.

Ossix’s current collection features an eclectic mix of designs, influenced by Amy’s background in the surfing and bodyboarding community and showcasing her funky and diverse fashion sense; she samples eras like the 50s rockabilly, 80s glam and 90s grunge in her creations. Locally manufactured to the highest standard, Ossix Swimwear is the only label you should be seen in on the beach this summer! 

Bold patterns, iridescent colours, contrasting frilling and beading and chunky rings connecting the fabrics into very wearable and flattering pieces are Ossix’s signature. There are cuts and concepts to flatter all sizes and body shapes … remember, it’s all about enhancing the figure and bringing out the beautiful gal within!

Ossix is OUR local label that will no doubt enjoy an illustrious future with the support of fashion-conscious beach babes everywhere. Amy is committed to expanding the business and promoting her designs to Australia and the world. 

The glamorous face of the label and Amy’s business partner is Evy Le Feuvre, also from the Mid North Coast. Evy will be making the trip up from Sydney to feature in the show. Evy’s originally a local Port girl and is a rising star in modelling. Amy’s significant other, Mick Campbell, is a professional surfer on the ASP World Tour. 

Ossix is available by order and from selected outlets only. You can check out Ossix at www.myspace.com/ossix_swimwear_06. Or join the facebook Ossix clan!

Our website is still in the building process, but you can have a peek so far if you like at 


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  1. Bianca says:

    i have my birthday party on Australia day and im dressing up as a metre maid. I have looked every were for a gold bikini but had no luck. A lady from a bra shop told me to ask you if you had any gold bikinis or short shorts (gold) or spare shiny gold material to make it. If not Any chance i could buy the material and you make it, i will pay you but i just need it for my birthday. Hope you could help me out.
    thanks, Bianca

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