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Home grown local Mason Rose now spends his days in beautiful Hawaii, where he and his wife have created a vibrant, colourful and very cool fashion label for kids – Oopsy Daze. Find out more about Mason’s entrepreneurial vision, creative inspirations and future plans …


Hi Mason. What’s your connection to the Port Macquarie area … How long did you live here?

I lived in Port my whole life ’til about my 20s, where I started travelling a lot for work. Most of my family have now moved from there, but it will always hold a special place in my heart – so it won’t stop me from visiting!

Please introduce us to your family and explain how you came to be living in Hawaii?

I met my wife (Dixie) in Hawaii initially. She claims I hit on her, but I’m claiming she hit on me ha ha! I was only visiting there, so nothing came of it at the time, ’til two years later we bumped into each other at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi while she was travelling. We like to believe there was a force connecting us! We’ve been inseparable since then.

Phoenix came into the picture rather quickly, and when my wife was pregnant with him, we moved to Hawaii.

I did see myself living in Hawaii. It was like a second home to me, so the transition was pretty easy. In Hawaii, you have to really prove yourself, as it is pretty “clique-y” and any work or friends you make take a while, but I have been here for almost five years now and I feel like I’ve paid my dues, and we are surrounded by a great creative group of friends. Getting to raise my son by the ocean all year long is everything to me.


Describe where you live now – which part of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands do you call home?

We live in Oahu, the busiest central island. We live in Hawaii Kai near Sandy Beach. I have a studio in town, so I commute to work.

How did the concept for your children’s fashion label, Oopsy Daze, come about; what was the inspiration?

Our inspiration was definitely Phoenix coming into the picture. My wife and I both love fashion, so dressing him was always fun. We quickly took note that there was a gap in the market for cool children’s wear. We always said how we wished there was a cool Aloha Shirt our there for kids that’s not cheesy and “ABC store-ish”, and we were able to design one for this latest range – that was a really proud moment for us. Seeing Phe (Phoenix) wear it every Friday and him hand picking it makes us feel like we are on the right track.

My sisters are in fashion and they paved some ways for us in the beginning, so we were very lucky. It just really was a no brainer, since I could do all the campaigns and Phe is always down to shoot with me. There is a lot that goes into starting a fashion label that people do not see, and it wasn’t easy, but we love doing it.

What’s the mission statement or promise behind the label … what’s Oopsy Daze’s vision? 

We want to inspire children around the world to stay creative through colour and art and also to be hugely inspired by easy living beach culture.

Our motto is: “For you to have your way with clothes one adventure at a time”, so we ultimately wanna make clothes that are comfy and cool and don’t get in the way of a child’s adventure, but really just become a part of them.

We recently threw an event called “3 Daze of Art”, where we held a big party with a kids’ DJ and art workshops that were taught by Museum Art Teachers, where the children made a Van Gogh Style brush painted wave.

The energy was incredible, and seeing the kids have fun and be inspired and leaving with a whole new perspective and confidence in themselves was just PRICELESS. It fulfilled us in so many ways and to us, it’s not about the money. It’s the adventure.


Tell us a bit about your latest campaign, LE GANG … 

We tend to go back to late ’80’s and ’90s inspiration for prints and designs, so the little off the shoulder top for girls and the aloha shirt for the boys … it reminded us of the last scene in True Romance, where they finally escaped right before Patricia Arquette says her famous line: “You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool …” So, we got an old convertible and went with a Honeymoon theme.  It really did turn out to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll romance story island style.

What are Oopsy Daze’s most popular selling items? 

Most definitely our slogan tees. We do big wholesale with the Crazy Coconut and We Run This Beach Tees. Our Palmy Daze Jumper for the babies is a huge hit this season! It’s been on kids all over the world, and nothing makes us happier.

What’s on the agenda for the business over the next year or so? Any exciting news or big plans? 

Well, this year we are wholesaling to select boutiques in Australia, Japan, NY and California, as well as great stores all over Hawaii, so we are starting to really grow and expand. We hope to be available in more countries, and for our clothes be seen on more kids around the globe.

We have an amazing collaboration in the works with a really established Australian adults boutique label, and this is going to be really exciting and it will incorporate my love for dance and music culture, so it’s going to be my most favourite range yet!

How can readers purchase your items or find out more info about your business? 

We have an online store www.oopsydazekids.com and you can find stores that carry us through our stockists page.

You can follow us @oopsydaze on Instagram, where we post colourful inspiration and kids in our threads daily and also Facebook and our blog on our site.

Thanks Mason.

Interview by Jo Atkins.

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