Nixi Killick, Fashion Designer / Imagineer

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Originally hailing from our region, Nixi has developed a future centric fashion label which has seen her work with Music Superstars, International Fashion Events and has even paired up with one of the world’s leading technology companies, Hewlett Packard.

Luminosity Youth Summit welcomes Nixi as a keynote speaker, and FOCUS was lucky enough to catch her for a chat in between flights …

Tell us about your upbringing and your relationship with Port Macquarie …

I grew up about an hour inland from Port Macquarie, in the rockpools and ridges of the Forbes River at the base of Werrikimbe national park.

Both my parents are artists and turned an old primary school into their studios and home. 

I grew up as part of the local Slippery Sirkus, performing at many cultural events in Port Macquarie, and in my teens started to really engage with the arts and creative community, working on many local youth festivals, workshops and events.

Since leaving the nest, you’ve developed a clothing label, which is more than just a label … Tell us about this venture.

I moved to Melbourne to study fashion design at RMIT University and unite my origins of arts, performance and costume. 

During the course I developed a fascination with innovation in new technologies, maverick hybrid practices and a synergy in the art-fashion nexus.

Establishing my label was a way of developing this language, to speculate on the role of technology in dress, using the body to engage and challenge broader debates, negotiating my own unique platform for expression and interface within the critical discourses of visual culture. 

The label is part sculptured tech wearables – part psychedelic street wear; it’s about empowering people through colour, community and creative curiosity.

What is the “Colourtribe”?

The Colourtribe is a way of connecting my community through passionate positivity and empowered optimism. It’s about sharing experiences creating new links and embracing the future together in a chorus of colour.

Tell us about some of the collaborations you have in the design and production process?

I often spend a lot of time with laser cutters and working with materials, machines and methods that I have hijacked from different fields.

Collaborating with unfamiliar technology and techniques has often enabled me to unveil alternate possibles in production.

You’ve worked with some big names; who have you worked with, and what did it entail?

I have worked with a variety of musicians, such as Lady GAGA, SIA, and Kimbra; performers Ultra Angels and Cyber Japan; and few key industry partners like Hewlett Packard, Not Just A Label and Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Each of these collaborations has allowed me to explore new areas of my practice and evolve through experimentation; each have been a unique and incredible experience.

You’re a Keynote Speaker at this year’s Luminosity Youth Summit – how do you intend on empowering or inspiring our youth on the day?

My journey so far has taught me that our horizons are expanding exponentially and oportunities are born through our own passion and drive. 

We are the creators of the future, and it’s our responsibility to boldly dive into unmapped territories and dream the magic awake.

Is there a quote or a certain saying you live by? If so, why?

If it’s not in the future it doesn’t exist – it’s a mantra that has always reminded me to keep moving forward – that to create the most incredible future I can imagine, I must pull the present forward to meet it.

Where can our readers find out more and purchase your designs?

Thanks Nixi.


Luminosity Youth Summit 2018

Photo Credit: Keren Sonia.

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