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Local up and comers Nana Klumpp have just been announced as the local band to appear at this year’s FOTSUN. The boys caught up with FOCUS and chatted about their exciting news …

Hey guys. Introduce yourselves to our readers …

We’re Nana Klumpp (yes, it is a strange name)! We’re a four piece band from Bonny Hills who play a few indie/surf jams and love a good time. The band consists of Jesse Hinder and Aaron Case-Gulley on guitar, Ronan Bailey on drums and Robert Courtenay-Morris on bass! We’re just four brothers who love a bit of music making.

How did you come together musically?  

We started off as good mates with the love for similar music and eventually got a group together. We were playing covers from bands that we idolised and continue to look up to today; this later turned into the four of us jamming along to our own original tunes. We are keen to perform them on the FOTSUN stage!

When it comes to writing, what are some of the things that inspire you?

A lot of our songs are taken from experiences that the boys have had together. We always find a way to mix that with our love for the ocean, our mates and our hometown of Bonny Hills, Port Macquarie. The songs we create piece themselves together in their own time; nothing is forced, and that’s how we like it.

Congratulations on nailing a spot on this year’s FOTSUN bill – you must be stoked! What are you looking forward to about the festival?

We are so stoked! The boys are all looking forward to getting a feel for a bigger festival like FOTSUN. There are plenty of bands on the line up that we have been listening to well before we got together, and now we have the opportunity to play on the same stage as them! We are so keen to play our music to a broader crowd, especially in our home town! Hopefully this opportunity to play our tunes may lead to bigger and better things as a band.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

We’ve got our sights set on recording a banging EP that will hopefully help us get our name out there to a larger crowd! We want to start playing more shows up and down the coast. A couple of gigs with some other bands would be great, and maybe even a little coastal tour if we’re lucky!

Thanks guys.

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