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From a rough and tumble childhood Rachael Finch’s life changed forever upon winning a modelling contest. Now as the new Miss Universe Australia she is reaching for the stars in her own true down-to-earth style. Rachael will be visiting Cassegrain Winery, Port Macquarie on Saturday 6th June.

How did you first get into modelling and beauty pageants?

When I was 15, I entered a modelling competition in my hometown of Townsville in North Queensland. As a young girl, I was never interested in fashion or modelling and was always playing sport and camping with my brothers on the weekends!

I always had scratches and bruises on my legs from playing touch football, but it wasn’t until I was approached by the organiser of the modelling competition (Fashion Bash) Henry Peterson, to enter the model search, that I became interested in modelling.

Since winning the competition in 2004, I have travelled the world working as a model in New York, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

> Congratulations on winning the title of Miss Universe Australia. How did you become involved in this pageant?

Thank you! I still can’t believe that I actually won! I have always known about the Miss Universe pageant; it’s one of those things that comes up on TV at home each year, and when it’s on television everyone is eager to see Miss Australia come out on stage!

Working as a model and television presenter over the past few years, I have always thought it would be an amazing opportunity to launch my career and have since discovered there are so many more wonderful opportunities that come with the title!

> What’s it like following in the foot- steps of Jennifer Hawkins?

I’m not sure of her shoe size, so I hope I’m doing a good job so far … ha ha! Jen is a huge inspiration to all young women in the world, whether they want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, enter a beauty pageant or sell cheeseburgers!

She has that true down-to-earth, relaxed attitude that people from all across the world love, and she definitely deserved to win the Miss Universe title.

As the new Miss Universe Australia, representing our beautiful country on the world stage in just a couple of months, I hope to set my own bar and go beyond all expectations. I have been taught to never give up and to continue striving for what I believe in … and I truly believe anything is possible!

> Who are your role models?

I have so many people in my life that I look up to for inspiration and motivation. Apart from my parents, I admire people who have worked hard for what they have in their lives and who have always lived by the values of kindness, compassion and generosity.

People are not remembered for what they had, but for what they gave. My best friend Ubah was born in Somalia and lived her childhood as a refugee.

She finally started a life in Canada and at the age of 23 wanted to move to New York to become a model to support her family. Her dedication and commitment to working hard at what she wanted was such a beautiful thing to watch, and she is now one of America’s leading models.

> What is involved in being Miss Universe Australia? Describe your typical day.

A lot more than what people think! ‘Busy’ is an understatement, but I love it! A typical day for me is getting up early to go for a run, getting hair and make-up done, attending an event/ launch/fundraiser … whatever I have on my schedule, speaking and meeting with some amazing new people and lots of photos!

At the moment I have been very busy getting my website established, which will soon be available for the world to see: rachaelfinch.com. People will be able to follow my progress to the Bahamas and keep up-to-date with what I have been doing!

> How are you preparing for the finals of Miss Universe?

As you can imagine, it’s so important as a contestant in an international competition that I look after all of my body!

I am so lucky that QV Skincare have come onboard with me since winning the title, and I have just fallen in love with all of their products. They are 100% Australian owned and dermalogically tested.

Making sure I look and feel good is crucial to my performance, and so I wake up every day wanting to feel better! I still haven’t found a product that cures chocolate cravings, though! Everything in moderation is the key, I say!

> What are your goals and ambitions for the future?

I am focused on a career in television presenting and would ultimately like to produce my own healthy-living lifestyle show. I am passionate about staying active, eating nutritionally-balanced food and enjoying all life has to offer!

I have grown up in a country town with older brothers and will give almost anything a go! I love sky diving, barefoot water-skiing and I’m going scuba diving next week for the first time.

Life is so precious and we need to make the most of every second, so make sure you never stop smiling! Make sure you visit me at rachaelfinch.com

> Thank you Rachael.

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