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Jane Hillsdon and Stacey Morgan mean business, having both run successful enterprises in the Greater Port Macquarie area. The dynamic duo came together and developed the “Miss Bossy Boots” podcast; their mission is to inspire women through conversations about life, without all the fluff …

Stacey, you two launched the Miss Bossy Boots Podcast over 12 months ago. Tell us how you came to be this dynamic duo?

We met years ago when we both participated in a Women in Business mentoring program. We kept in touch in the years that followed, as we both grew our businesses and our family. We connected again in 2016, when I suggested that we should do a podcast together. Jane immediately agreed. 

We had absolutely no idea what we wanted to talk about; we knew we just wanted to spend time together and talk business! So we combined forces, had a meeting to flesh out an idea we both liked the sound of, and the rest is history!

Jane, what is the Miss Bossy Boots Podcast about?

Miss Bossy Boots is all about keeping it real for women in business. Each of our episodes is driven by a desire to help other women (and men) tackle the often-conflicting commitments that business, family, physical and mental health and life in general can present us with.

Women wear so many hats these days. We are ambitious business owners or career women, mothers, wives, friends and volunteers. We are so ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives and we’ll switch from one role to another several times in one hour – let alone in one day. As I am writing this editorial, I have kids asking me a million questions and I’m racing to fit in as much writing as possible before I head out for the next round of afternoon pick-up and drop-off.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in our roles and feel that we are the only ones with these pressures. 

Social media can also play a deceptive role in leading us to believe that every other person has it together. We see other women with their perfect family life which is complemented by their fabulous business success. Nothing seems to go wrong in their world.

We love celebrating our own success as well as other people’s; however, we know it’s not all plain sailing. We know ourselves that sometimes when we see other people share the not-so-perfect parts of their journey, we feel better. 

So, our podcast episodes are us sharing our juggle journeys, the highs and the lows, in the hope that this helps other people in our situation.

Jane, tell us what a podcast is and why are they becoming so popular?

Technically, a podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded from the internet.

There’s so much to love about podcasts, and I think there are a couple of reasons as to their growth in popularity. Firstly, the breadth of topics available to download in podcast form is colossal. There is a podcast on just about every subject imaginable. Fiction, non-fiction, professional development, cooking, music – you name an interest, there’s a podcast for it.

Another reason that podcasts are popular is that they are auditory. This means you can multi-task! You can listen to podcasts while you’re getting other things done. I listen to them while I work, while I run and mostly when I have long car trips to fill in.

Stacey, you’ve got a few “pods” under your belt now. Is the mission still the same, or have you changed tack?

Ha ha. As Jane discussed above, our mission now is to help keep it real for women in business. But, it didn’t start there. Our first tagline was “Inspiring women in business”. We soon realised that this just didn’t sit with us. We never felt comfortable portraying ourselves as the women who have it all together. Because we didn’t! 

We’d turn up to start recording each episode and blurt out all of the challenging things that were going on in our lives to each other, and then switch the mic on and pretend that we were poised and positioned for success. This just didn’t feel helpful or authentic to us. 

What are some of the themes and speakers we can hear already?

We have just recorded our 52nd episode and have already had close to 10,000 downloads of all of our episodes. So as you can imagine, we have covered quite a bit of ground already. 

Our most popular episodes have covered the topics of dealing with burnout, designing a flexible work life, the importance of a mentor, lowering expectations of ourselves, dealing with overwhelm, the importance of professional development, goal setting, surrounding yourself with people who lift you, productivity, business and personal values, building a sustainable business and finding your why. 

What’s next then for MBB?

We both have a great passion for Miss Bossy Boots, and we meet regularly to plan our next steps. Now that the podcast is getting so much traction both locally, nationally and even internationally, we have really started to flesh out how else we may be able to serve this market. We have some really exciting plans in the pipeline.

We encourage you to find us on your favourite podcast app by simply searching for Miss Bossy Boots Podcast, or connect with us at Facebook.com/missbossybootspodcast or Instagram @missbossybootspodcast so you don’t miss an episode.

Thanks ladies.

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