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Mid Coast Old Holdens Car Club has been established for less than 6 months. We catch up with club secretary, Sue Kennerson, to find out more…

> How did the Club first come about?

The club was officially formed on June 16, 2009, due to popular demand to have an Old Holden club in the Manning Valley, Gloucester & Great Lakes regions. There was a desperate need for a local Holden Car Club, as we wanted a place and people to share our passion for Holdens. We thought we would get together and do something about it by establishing the Mid Coast Old Holdens Car Club.

We assumed at the onset that we could affiliate with other Car Clubs in and around the North Coast Region, but found this not the be the case. Knowing this, we then decided to stand alone for our much loved Holdens and found quite a lot of other local people with the same aim. The Club provides a place for people with a passion for these classic Australian cars to convene, socialise and enjoy their shared interests. Basically, we are a very social club for all to enjoy their hobby and enthusiasm for anything Holden.

Since the birth of our new Club we have received a good support base from local businesses in our area, with them sponsoring our regular activities.

> What activities does the Club provide for members?

We are a family club, which means we organise our monthly runs to different locations and areas in a manner that caters for all ages.

Engine bay of a Holden FC

Engine bay of a Holden FC

We have a monthly get together with all members participating to co-ordinate our runs and the general running of the Club. Here we decide a destination for our next run and the stopovers we have along the way. We choose different locations for each month.

The monthly runs give us the opportunity to drive and display our cars to the general public. We normally head off for a leisurely cruise, stop somewhere interesting for morning tea and then journey on to some other destination for lunch and to relax before setting off home.Some of our members have historic plates, which enables them to use their vehicles on public roads.

Sometimes we combine with the Manning Valley Cruzers for a fish and chip run to different locations.

The club also hosts some fantastic Show and Shines to raise money for local charities, and the Bushland Tavern graciously allows our Club to run a raffle each Saturday afternoon to raise funds for different events and organisations.

We have regular camp weekends and adventures around the Manning Valley area, and each year we host a fun and exciting Christmas Party for all our members and their families.

Holden Torana

Holden Torana

The Club caters for all ages – our youngest member is just 5 months and our eldest is 70 years young. We really are a family oriented club.

> We hear you have a club car. Tell us about it.

Two of our members have kindly donated a one ton ute that we are in the process of rebuilding. Once it is completed it will be a 6 cylinder manual and will be used as our Club vehicle. We are going to use it to carry our eskys, our barbecue and any club owned gear on our monthly runs and to any of the events we attend. The ute will also be available for our social members who do not yet own an old Holden, and any of our learner drivers can use it to gain experience.

We will hold a working bee to put the ute back together, as we already have most of the parts that we need. The cab has been painted,and we will be placing our sponsors’ advertising to show our support and gratitude for them.

> What makes old Holdens so special?

We at the club feel that old Holdens are special because they signify the Australian spirit for all ages. I feel that most Australians have either owned an old Holden in their lifetime or have at least been in one, and the cars bring back a lot of memories of their younger days. Parts for these cars are still readily available, and some are interchangeable.

> What is your all time favourite Holden?

My personal favourite would have to be the FJ Holden. I feel that, at the time of production, it was innovated for the standards of the day to suit Australian conditions and families.

Some of the other stand out vehicles would have to be the HQ Monaro, GTR XU1 Torana, FC sedan, FC ute and the HX Monaro. There are a few Statesmans that rate highly and some nice Panel Vans and Utilities. The HG Premier is also a stand out.

 Holden FC

Holden FC

> How can people join the Mid Coast Old Holden Car Club?

You can join the Club by visiting our website: www.midcoastoldholdens.com.au and downloading a form. Alternatively, anyone can phone the Club on:

(02) 6551 4100 and we will post out any information that you need.

You do not necessarily need to own an old Holden or be in the process of building one to become a member. We have both social membership and full membership available to accommodate all Holden lovers.

> Any last words?

Wherever possible we would like to promote our hobby in our communities and strive to project a positive image of our group through our actions and charitable deeds. We aim to promote the preservation and restoration of cars, vans and utility vehicles produced by Holden through the years 1948 – 1982 so our vehicles may survive to be enjoyed by future generations of enthusiasts.

> Thank you Sue.

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  1. Sue Kennerson says:

    Hi, I do love this article you have done on our car club, but I did not see it in the manning valley edition, did it only come out in the port macquarie edition. I was informed by a fiend that it is on the net.

    Regards Sue Kennerson

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for your comment, and yes, at this present time it has only run in the Port Macquarie issue of Focus.

    Thanks again.

  3. rob says:

    Hay there fellow holden fans im currantly looking for a hq 1 tonner to do up or buy (350 4speed) cheers

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