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If We All Had Wings is a not for profit organisation assisting local families that are facing financial hardships whilst undergoing cancer treatment. This intimate dinner will be held at Bills Fishhouse & Bar Friday 5th May, with special celebrity guest chef Matt Golinski.

Tell us about the Queensland region you grew up in, and how this now influences your style of cooking.

I grew up on a tropical fruit farm on the Sunshine Coast, which gave me an appreciation of good quality, fresh produce from an early age. This heavily influenced my decision to become a chef and forged my cooking style into one that focuses on the ingredients being the heroes of whatever I cook.

With appearances on Ready Steady Cook and having worked as Executive Chef at leading restaurants in Australia, what have been some of the highlights of your career?

It’s being given the opportunity to travel and meet people because I’m a chef that I would say is the highlight of my career. Every time I go to visit a new region, I come away with new friends and I grow a little as a person and a chef.

How do you share your love of cooking whilst supporting non-for-profit organisations?

I have a great opportunity as a cook to use my skills to help other people. When I was in need of help, a lot of people came together to support me, and it was very humbling and inspiring. Whenever I can I try to give back to a community that showed me so much love and support.

As Guest Chef at the “If We all Had Wings” Fundraiser at Bills Fishhouse in May, what flavours will you be bringing to the table?

I was in Port Macquarie for Tastings on Hastings last year and had a chance to meet and get to know a lot of local producers in the region. I’ll be hoping to incorporate some of their wares into the dishes I cook for the dinner.

How many times have you visited Port Macquarie before, and what do you love about visiting regional areas?

I had three trips to Port Macquarie last year and have really developed a great love of the area. When I visit a region, I really try to immerse myself in its culture, its people and its food and come away with a better understanding of what makes that area special. Port Macquarie ticks all the boxes – great people, great food and a great attitude.

What are some of your favourite recipes?

My favourite things to cook are the simple things that pay respect to the ingredients. A perfectly cooked fresh piece of fish with butter and lemon juice, or a fig with buffalo mozzarella are a couple that come to mind. I have absolutely no desire to turn anything into a soil, foam or gel.

What inspires you to take on new challenges, whether in the kitchen or otherwise?

I love throwing myself into challenging situations, because I learn so much about myself when I do.

I’m a very goal driven person and once I put my mind to something, I push hard to make it happen.

I also love the adrenaline rush that comes with a good challenge!

Thanks Matt.


3 courses and beverage package $145
Tickets on sale Monday 3rd April.
Purchase from Murray St Bakery.

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