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Hiphop Duo ManicSOUL have been freshly announced on this year’s FOTSUN lineup. FOCUS caught up with Jack and Nathan to find out more …

Introduce yourselves to us; who is manicSOUL?

Simply put, we are two kids who grew up by the beach/by the skatepark/by the breakwall in Port Macquarie who happened to form a love for making music and our town in a time where a lot of people around us resented it. The name manicSOUL is just a blend of the names we had when we were solo. I (Jack) was Manic Manchild and Nathan was Soul.

Before we created manicSOUL, we were frequently collaborating and supporting each other at gigs around Port all the time, and that’s basically what led us to come together. Plus, we both had the same group of friends, basically, so it just occured naturally. We weren’t really making much of a wave on our own or getting the attention we needed, so by joining forces we didn’t have anything to lose.

What/who are some of your influences?

The things that we got into growing up definitely influence what we write about in our music. We try to keep it pretty positive, and it isn’t hard to do when we’re from such a chill town. The people who influence us most are people that are coming out of Port as well, whether it’s singers such as Jack Titterington, Layla Engel and Jaxon Pollard, or young rappers like Jacob Mallia and Tate Dures. I think we all motivate each other in one way or another, especially coming from the same place.

Describe your vibe …

Our vibe is definitely warm and fun, at times reminiscent, and we are serious when we need to be. But for the most part, we keep it pretty upbeat.

You’ve released a five track EP titled Summer. How did you find the recording process, and what’s the sonic profile of this EP?

The recording process was fairly chill and took about two weeks altogether. We just had fun and let it all come together naturally, which is what works best for us. The EP represents our whole teenage life and is reminiscent of the fun we had growing up in Port, and I think that a lot of people will be able to relate to that.

Excitedly, you’ve been picked to play on the bill for this year’s FOTSUN. What are you looking forward to?

Just getting to perform at the biggest event in our town is what we’re looking forward to most. Playing at FOTSUN has been the one goal we set for ourselves since we came together as manicSOUL at the start of last year, and our Summer EP was based heavily around the idea that we would get a spot on the line up, so we are looking forward to being able to play the majority of those tracks on the stage this year and getting meet all the cool artists.

Where can our readers follow you guys on social media and listen to your music?

You can find our EP Summer on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, and we also have a stack of free music on our Soundcloud! You can keep up to date with all our shows and general mischief on our Facebook (manicSOUL) and Instagram (manicSOUL97) as well.

Thanks guys.

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