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To add to this year’s theme of Magic Beyond the Plate, Magic Jake will be performing at the Slice of Haven event on Sunday, May 29. Come and enjoy the show and meet Magic Jake at the event, where his comedic personality and awe-inspiring magic tricks will have everyone wanting to see more. And everyone knows that magic + comedy + danger = one hell of a great show!

Where are you from, and when did you first start getting involved in magic?

I am from Coffs Harbour and have been doing magic since the age of 12. I was first influenced at preschool when I saw a magician performing, and I just loved magic from then. I picked a few tricks up later at age 11 and started performing at kids’ birthday parties when I was 12. I also specialise in twisted balloon art.

What would you say is one magic trick that gets people talking?

There are quite a few up my sleeve, but I would say my rope trick is one that gets people wondering! I can’t say too much though and reveal my secrets … My tricks include mind blowing magic that will make you think you can’t believe your eyes, with a twist of comedy that will keep that smile on your face even after the show ends and a finishing touch of danger that will make you wonder why any human being would even attempt this!
Where can we find you at Slice of Haven?

At the Slice of Haven I will be performing on the main stage and will also be roaming around the event performing close up magic.

What have been some of the highlights of your magic perfomances so far?

In 2014, I went to the Melbourne Magic Festival and took out two awards – first for stage magic and second in close up magic. This is quite an intense competition, where you have to perform your act on age in front of a panel of judges, including magician Consentino! Everything had to be completely original, from the magic act to the costume and music. I’m always asking Mum to go to Spotlight and Dad to go to Bunnings to get me the supplies I need! One of my winning tricks I performed was the “quick change” trick.

I also came third in the Australian Street Entertainment Championships at the Gold Coast, performing against other magicians and street artists including hypnotists and illusionists.

How do you come up with your original tricks and ideas?

I get my ideas from things I see and think would be pretty cool. I always try to involve humour and get the audience involved with tricks I am performing.
What are you looking forward to about performing at the Slice of Haven?

It is a great festival atmosphere with so much great food, a great energy, with everyone there to have a good time.

Thanks Magic Jake.


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