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Inspired by her clients’ need for ethical, natural products, local hairdresser Lucy Licciardello has embraced the challenge and entrepreneurial spirit and developed a range of organic haircare and skincare under the brands “Love Your Locks”, and “Love Your Skin” Organics. FOCUS sat down with Lucy, to find out more this exciting venture.

Hi Lucy. Can you tell us a bit of your background as a hairdresser?

Hi Louise. My hairdressing career began at the age of 15 in my hometown of Goulburn, working in a little salon for around two and a half years, before moving to Port Macquarie with Mum, Dad and my two younger brothers. 

I completed my apprenticeship at a local Port Macquarie salon, where I honed my skills for around seven years. In my early 20s, I began teaching at TAFE, and at 24 I stepped out of my comfort zone and “rented a chair” in another local salon, until it became clear to me that it was time to spread my wings and put my own mark on hairdressing in Port Macquarie. 

I opened the doors to “Lovely Locks Hair and Beauty” in 2011 –  alongside me I had two apprentices, including Alycia, who is now one of our seniors; beauty therapist Khym, from Serenity Makeup and Beauty; and our senior stylist Leah, who I’m lucky enough to still have with me in the business. As the salon grew, I took on another apprentice, Karlee, and then Mikala and Casey joined our growing team. 

In January 2017, the opportunity arose to expand the salon. We knocked through walls, recruited friends and family to help in the transition and added our signature style to the now much bigger premises. We re-branded our gorgeous French inspired salon “Lovely Locks Hairdressing”, and in 2018 our senior stylist, Beck joined us to complete our team … for now!

 The icing on the cake has come with the launch of our “Love Your Locks Organics” range, which has now expanded to include 100% vegan haircare, skincare and petcare products.

Lovely Locks is a well known local business. What are the key services you are known for? 

Lovely Locks just celebrated its 7th birthday – happy birthday to us! We’re known for our amazing team of colour specialists, with balayages and blondes in high demand this season. We choose to use Schwartzkopf Professional, REDKEN and Nak in the salon for all our colour work. We embrace creative haircutting techniques and engage with our clients to deliver services that are above their expectations or previous experiences.  

We’ve created a relaxed yet inspiring space for our clients – where they come first and where they can be confident they are in expert hands. Classically chic styling for weddings and events is an aspect of the salon that is a standout for me creatively.

You expanded your business in 2017 and  created “Love Your Locks” products – what is in the range, and what makes it special?

The underpinning ethos to Love Your Locks Organics is what makes it so special. In hindsight, becoming a mum to my gorgeous little George was the catalyst. I wanted my salon and my products to be a reflection of what is important to me both creatively and ethically, whilst offering salon quality expertise. 

Our Love Your Locks range is cruelty free, made from organic ingredients and 100% vegan. At the moment we offer haircare, skincare and petcare – but we’re constantly evolving and growing.

How did the concept come about for your own range, and how did you go about getting the product produced?

Following my own instincts and listening to my clients, who were wanting ethical, natural products with the same high quality salon results was the platform from which the concept bloomed. Having mindful, high quality products we could use in the salon and offer our clients to use with confidence at home was the driving force.  

After a lot of research and discussion with manufacturers and hours of formula tweaking with our amazing expert team, to ensure our products are gentle but effective and free from toxins and harmful chemicals, we have a range we are confident to offer to our clients, friends and family. 

With our grounded philosophy that beautiful hair and skin starts from within, all our products are plant based, with each ingredient mindfully chosen based on their natural benefits and integral holistic properties.

Tell us about the Love Your Skin and Love Ya Mutt ranges which have just come on to the market?

 Love Your Skin was a natural progression for the range, formulated using natural, certified ingredients from the highest quality plant sources. Our Love Your Skin range includes moisturisers for all skin types, body lotion, toning and cleaning, eyecare, bodywash and masks to nourish, rejuvenate and protect your skin. 

 And how could we forget our fur babes!  We’re super excited about our Love Ya Mutt shampoo, conditioner and spritzer. They’ve been formulated keeping in mind sensitive skin and all coat types, and I use all these products at home on my two girls, Stella and Marley.  The spritzer has been my go to on many occasions between baths.

Of all the products, do you have a favourite?

 I love all our products, but I’ve been using our Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner combo to get me through this extra hot summer. It’s cooling and refreshing on my scalp and leaves my hair  feeling soft, without weighing it down. 

Where can we buy the three ranges?

 Our Love Your Locks Organic Haircare and Petcare range is available in salon at Lovely Locks Hairdressing, or online at 

Our skincare is available exclusively online.

What is next for you in business? 

 This year we’re looking at building the salon brand and growing our product offering, with organic hairspray and dry shampoo in the early stages of production. We’ll also be focusing on growing our online community and empowering our fellow queens through the power of fabulous hair and quality products with a conscience.

BIG love!

Lucy @ Lovely Locks 


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