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The “Day in the Life” series gives us a glimpse into the working lives of the people we don’t often see or think about, but who play an important role in keeping our community running.

Helping people remain healthy and happy at home is what drives registered nurse and manager of MBC Nursing Agency Louise Coetzer.

As we face the challenges of living with a disability or getting older, most of us prefer to remain living independently in our own homes. Accessing home care support or in-home nursing can really help turn lives around, providing peace of mind and helping people stay in their own homes longer.

Louise trained and worked as a registered nurse in South Africa for most of her career, before settling in Port Macquarie four years ago after stints in Mount Gambier and Townsville.

With an innate compassion and enthusiasm for helping others, Louise has been providing care for people of all ages at all stages of life for the past 25 years.

“I have worked in acute care in ICU with children and adults, and also as a palliative care nurse in both community and hospital environments. I’ve also worked in aged care facilities as well as with clients with disabilities,” Louise said.

Most recently, Louise has drawn on her many years of practical nursing experience and her numerous qualifications to manage MBC Nursing Agency, which provides home care support and in-home nursing services on the Mid North Coast.

“In 2011 I was asked to establish the healthcare arm of the business, and I was ready for the challenge. In order to do my job I need to have a good understanding of a client’s needs and the confidence to bring people together for a common purpose.”

Louise relies on her ability to assess complex situations, solve problems and embrace change. A big part of her job is to train and mobilise MBC’s qualified carers and registered nurses to provide positive outcomes for clients.

“When a client contacts us to inquire about our services, I conduct an initial phone assessment. Then during a home visit we talk about what assistance they need. Sometimes that means complex healthcare, and sometimes it means a help around the home and some companionship.”

MBC Nursing Agency help people with things like cleaning, shopping and personal care such as showering, as well as medication management and wound care. They take the time to find out about their clients’ interests and how they can help them continue doing the things they enjoy.

If necessary, Louise will conduct a health check and if there are any symptoms work with the client, carer or other health professionals such as their doctor or occupational therapists to improve outcomes.

“Being able to make a real difference in a client’s quality of life, while providing peace of mind and a well-earned break for carers is the most rewarding thing of all,” Louise said.

It can be a difficult conversation for families, but sometimes we just need to ask for help. If you or your loved one need some support, visit mbcnursing.com.au or call 1300 854 622.

My Day:

9:00am – Working in the office to find suitable and qualified workers to join the MBC Nursing Agency team

10:00am – Conduct an in-home assessment with a potential client – find out about their needs and interests, conduct a health check and talk with their carer about how we can help

12:00am – Back to the office to work on a care plan for the client, including identifying staff to match the client’s needs and any multi-disciplinary care workers required

1:00pm – A break for lunch and time to work on some business development tasks

2:00pm – Developing training programmes for our staff

3:00pm – Head out to work in the community – doing what I love and staying in touch with the challenges faced by our staff and clients so I can improve outcomes

5:00pm – Time to reflect on the difference I was able to make today, and head home

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