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With small business experience as the owner of the Hill Street Store, Darren Walsh is committed to reducing Council’s debt levels and reining in expenditure accoss the board.

Tell us about yourself and why you are running for Council?

I moved to Port Macquarie in my teenage years from the small town of Narromine in the state’s west and went on to meet and marry my wife, Kylie, a Comboyne girl. I spent a number of years in Sydney involved in club, hotel and security management, as well as a few years training the registered courses of RSA and RCG. After starting a family, we decided to move back to the Hastings to raise our children.

For the past nine years, I have owned and operated my own business, employing several staff, which I believe has prepared me, on a smaller scale, for the responsibility of helping to steer our local Council towards a more prosperous future.

My main focus in running for Council is to concentrate on the basic services of roads, rates, rubbish, water, parks and development. I will endeavour to bring back community pride and confidence in living in the Hastings. Our community has suffered as a result of poor consultation and decisions, and we need to respond to this and get back to basics by budgeting carefully and attending to essential services first. We need to keep our state and federal pressures at a good arm’s length and instead, listen to our community.

What are some of your policies leading into the next election?

No policies. The elected Councillors will experience a steep learning curve, just like the first day in a business or a new job. There is no secret recipe … you learn off each other and then make informed decisions as a collective (community/Council staff/Councillors) to bring about the best result for the community. There is a wealth of knowledge amongst the people within our region who should be drawn upon, not consultants where possible, to achieve community outcomes.

If you could fix one pressing issue immediately for the Hastings, what would it be?

Substantially reducing or clearing Council’s debt level needs to be priority one. We also need to rein in expenditure across the board and utilise our assets – both resources and facilities – to their maximum potential

By doing these two very important things, we may well be able to stabilise our rates and be able to deliver the basic services ratepayer are entitled to and deserve.

What is your overall vision for this area leading towards 2020/2030?

My vision for the new Council is to create an organisation that ratepayers, residents and staff can be proud of. I’d like to be one of a team of dynamic Councillors who have learnt from the mistakes of the past and use their knowledge, experience and passion to build our future on a rock-solid financial footing.

Projecting 15 – 20 years in the future is difficult with the ever-changing governmental policies, funding opportunities and economic issues. However, I would like to see our debt level reduced to a manageable amount in the shortest possible time. Without this debt, we will be able to clean up, repair and renew our infrastructure and bring back some pride. The communities of Port Macquarie, Hastings and Camden Haven deserve nothing less.

What is something our readers don’t know about you?

For the entire year of 2011, we held a barbecue and fundraising program for the carers in our community. Our aim was to acknowledge people in thankless jobs by somehow making their work life a little better. At the end of the year, we donated two commercial grade coffee machines, one to the Community Health Campus (old Base Hospital) for travelling regional staff and the other machine to the ER Department at the Base Hospital.

How can readers get in touch with you?

You can catch up with me at my shop, the Hill St Store, or via the details below.

Thanks Darren.

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  1. Amberley says:

    With this years mayoral elections occurring on the weekend, I decided to revisit last years candidates. I was shocked and mildly horrified to find out that Mr. Walsh had ran.

    While I respect Mr. Walsh for exercising his democratic right to run for mayor, I am very glad he is not running again; this council and this area does not need a man like him.

    Mr. Walsh’s homophobic and xenophobic views are reflected through his family, particularly his children, and the level of ignorance and hatred I frequently hear or hear of are very disturbing.

    Additionally, the Hill Street Store seems to run on a motto of profit at all costs, selling cigarettes and hoping to sell alcohol in a neighbourhood full of at risk youths is an unsettling thought.

    In a Trump-esque style, Mr. Walsh claims to have no policies and that he will ‘learn’ from the other councillors. This implies that he has no experience; would we really have wanted a man like this in charge of our entire area? It is one thing to manage a convenience store, and another to run a council.

    In conclusion, I am expressing my relief that we did not elect Mr. Walsh, and that he did not decide to run for a second time. I ask you to bear in mind what I have said about his political plan, and what damage they might have wreaked on our area, and apply the same scrutiny I have applied to him to the current candidates, so that you can make an informed and sensible choice this weekend

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