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There seems to be something about the Greater Port Macquarie area that draws people back, and Lisa Bryant is no exception to this! Having grown up on Rawdon Island, Lisa has spent years living, dancing, teaching and presenting overseas and in some of Australia’s largest cities, but she and partner Matt will settle down in Port Macquarie this month. Lisa has quite a few interests in the business, health and fitness world – so we had a chat to find out just what she has planned …

Hi Lisa. What’s your association with the Greater Port Macquarie area? 

Hi Jo! I grew up on Rawdon Island, and I danced in Wauchope at Francesca Louise Academy of Dance from five to 18 years. I left home when I was 18 to work overseas, but I have visited Port frequently over the 12 years for work, and to spend time with family.

Where in the world has your career as both a dancer and a dance teacher taken you?

Overseas I spent most of my time in America, but also parts of Asia and Europe. Here in Australia I fly between Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

You have quite an array of skills, as apart from dancing, you’ve also worked as an MC and presenter. Tell us a bit about your various roles in these fields and some of the companies you’ve worked for…

I would definitely say that presenting is a strong focus for me these days. It is something that makes me so happy and never feels like “work”. I have been lucky enough to be contracted by Holden, Channel Nine, Samsung, and Lexus. To be honest though, I love creating within a smaller team, so my most memorable moments have been when working with and presenting for small businesses. 

How large a part does health and wellness play in your life – as you’ve mentioned to me that yoga and fitness are passions of yours as well?

Yes, big passions of mine! I am a personal trainer and I love yoga – I have been doing it for seven years. Mental health is something I am also incredibly passionate about, and engaging in regular yoga classes keeps me grounded, focused, and inspired. 

You’re one of those fortunate people who’ve been able to meld their interests with their careers … and your new Podcast is a reflection of this. What can you tell us about your Podcast, where we can listen to it, and the topics it will cover?

My Podcast is called Self, and I launched it just last month! Self has daily episodes just five or so minutes in length, to kick start your day with intention and a positive mindset. 

Some of the topics we have covered so far are Morning Routine, Simplicity, and Gratitude! With it being less than ten minutes in length, it is super easy listening and can fit into your morning getting ready for work. It is available on iTunes (Apple users) and on the Stitcher app (Android users).

You and your partner are moving from Melbourne in March – settling down in Port Macquarie. What brought about this decision?

We are SO excited to be moving home! My partner, Matt is from WA, and loves the coastline of Port Macquarie. 

With Matt also working in entertainment and us both having lived in Sydney and Melbourne, we have created strong work relationships. We now feel we can keep these relationships in the two cities alive and move to Port, knowing that it better reflects our perfect living environment. 

We also plan on creating our very own business here in Port Macquarie – so watch this space!

What would you like to achieve throughout the rest of 2019?

I dream every day, and take inspired action towards these dreams, but I gave up a long time ago creating a concrete plan or setting expectations of how things should turn out. I believe that if you set a concrete plan in your mind, you leave no space for bigger things that you couldn’t have imagined to come across your path. Possibilities are infinite, and I am a big believer in this. 

So, for 2019 I plan on following what makes me feel good, work hard along the way, and enjoy where the journey takes me. 

Where can we find out more about you and what you do?

You can find me on Instagram @lisabryant or Facebook @selfwithlisabryant and if you haven’t already noticed, I love a chat – so feel free to send me a message!

Thanks Lisa.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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