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Everyone loves their OJ … but where does yours come from? Current debates lie between local produce companies competing against super chain stores. Now is the time to be looking at your labels. We spoke with Leo from Todays Trend about one of the most local products around.

> What is your background with Todays Trend?

I am the founder of Todays Trend. The company is one part of Markun Enterprises, which started trading as Todays Juice in 1984, supplying the Port Macquarie area with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Within the three years of launch we established franchises in Taree, Forster, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour and the Hastings. Todays Juice in 1987 built and moved into their own premises (32 Uralla road) in Port Macquarie’s industrial area. The production capabilities of the new plant could now produce 20,000 litres of orange juice per week. 

> How local is Todays Trend?

Wanting to venture into other markets, Todays Juice changed its company name to Todays Trend Orange Juice in 1989. As freshly squeezed orange juice was extremely popular during this time, Todays Trend furthered the orange juice business by later supplying Tamworth, Armidale, Grafton, Lismore, and Brisbane. 

Todays Trend orange juice is Port Macquarie’s own, employing local people – who again spend their money locally. When you buy Today’s Trend orange juice, you are not only getting the best orange juice money can buy, you are also supporting a local business. 

Todays Trend entered the Port Macquarie business awards and was recognised with the following:

1987 Highly commended for excellence in marketing.

1993 Highly commended and state finalists.

1995 Regional Winner of the Sole trader award.

> Tell us more about the product itself and why customers should choose Todays Trend over other OJ on the shelf?

Todays Trend is a truly unique company, for Todays Trend orange juice has nothing added, straight from the orange to the bottle with nothing taken away, giving the product superior taste and flavour. The shelf life of the product varies from 10 to 20 days depending on the season and quality of fruit.

You can buy and enjoy Todays Trend orange juice at the following outlets: Woolworths supermarkets, Ritchie’s Super IGA, Hastings Co-op IGA, and Growers Market. It can also be enjoyed at Café 66, Café Buzz, Beach House, Pancake Place, Lotus Restaurant, Port Piazza, Port Pacific, Winkie’s, Garrison Chicken and the Lake Cathie Bowling Club … just to mention a few. 

Sizes available are 375 ml, 500 ml, 

1 L, 2 L, 4 L and 5 L, so you can enjoy it as little or as much as you like! 

> What other products does the company offer?

Spring water! 

Todays Trend established themselves as the first spring water company in the Hastings region, providing the highest of quality in sping water delivered to your door at an affordable price. Todays Trend spring water is sourced from the Dorrigo plateau (Ebore), elevation 5,000 ft. The property where the spring water is bottled is a member of the Biological Farmers of Australia Association (BFA) and has an organic accreditation.

Today the company is supplying the Hastings, Taree, Forster and Kempsey regions with spring water.

The spring water is available in 19 L and 15 L bottles – with a tap if necessary, and 600 ml bottles and 1.5 L bottles are also available.

Todays Trend also offers new and second hand water coolers for purchase; however the majority of our customers choose to rent, as the rental includes free servicing and maintenance of the cooler. The coolers Todays Trend provides are again made in Australia and are of superior quality compared to some of the other imported brands.

> What do you see as the future of the business? 

Looking into the future, Todays Trend wants to expand by increasing the market share of their products – not only in the local region, but to expand into the city of Sydney.

If you would like to gain any additional information on Todays Trend products, you can visit our website at:


> Thank you Leo.

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