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Lauren Howard’s passion for art and creativity began as a child, which is now reflected in her ‘Dare to be Different’ range of flasks, key chains and door stops…

What products are in the ‘Dare to be Different’ range?

We started with handmade and individual stainless steel flasks with designer fabrics for all tastes, age groups and genders.

Along with these fabulous flasks, we also have handmade pyramid door stops, perfect for any home. These are designed with unique fabrics and beautiful tassels that are attractive against any style of home flooring.

Our two latest products to be launched are keybandz and belts. Keybandz are an exciting new product, which ensure you don’t lose your keys.

They are versatile and fabulously designed key rings which easily slip onto your wrist so that you can have two free hands – and you can always find keys in your handbag.

Why did you decide to start your own creative outlet designing drinking flasks?

Well, over 12 months ago, I was inspired to find individual, unique insulated drinking flasks that would be a healthy choice for my family.

I wanted to be able to have a bottle that would be insulated to allow hot or cold drinks year round and that would fit in all car holders and not leak.

Have you always had a passion for arts and creativity?

Yes, since I was a child I have had a passion for arts and creativity. I bought a sewing machine a few years ago, as my sister-in-law is a fantastic seamstress, and aware of my flair and appreciation of hand made gifts and products; she persuaded me to indulge in the purchase. Since that day, I am always thinking of new and unique designed products to make.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My children, friends and family, and the amazing fabric designers I work with.

What are some of the features of ‘Dare to Different’ drinking flasks?

We have 350 ml and 500 ml stainless steel water flasks, which are insulated, double walled, BPA free bottles that have a Perspex outer cover. I hand pick fabric insert designs to make them unique, and there are a limited number of each design available.

These are great gift ideas, conversation starters – and most importantly, the healthy and environmentally friendly option for consuming water or liquids, as aluminium or plastic bottles allow chemicals to enter the liquids that we consume.

I have created design options to include children’s, men’s and women’s preferences.

How do you manage time between your creative outlet, juggling a full- time job and being a mum? 

Well, it sure is fun, challenging and good practice at utilising my time management skills, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What do you enjoy about being a stall holder at the Foreshore Market in Port Macquarie?

The Foreshore Market is in a beautiful location by the water’s edge at Westport Park. The other stall holders are friendly, helpful and have amazing products on sale as well.

The best thing about the Foreshore Market is that you are guaranteed to be able to purchase a unique gift for someone for their birthday or Christmas, that you won’t find in normal retail outlets.

Thanks Lauren.

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