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As the owner of Mailino Makeup Artistry, Kristina Clark is a very special kind of artist, using her skill to enhance people’s natural beauty. Kristina has a very interesting background, having grown up in Kazakhstan, and her earliest makeup artistry jobs were completed both in her home country and in Germany …

Hi Kristina. You have a very interesting background. Where were you born, and what were your growing up years like?

I was born in Lisakovsk, a city in the Kostanay Province of northwestern Kazakhstan. It’s located on the right bank of the Tobol River. The population is about 42,000. Lisakovsk is quite small, but very friendly.

It is a very special place to me, as I spent the first 20 years of my life there.

What originally brought you to Australia? How long have you been here now?

In July 2007 I met Paul, who came all the way from Australia (originally from Cobar) to work as a drilling consultant. I became his interpreter and assistant, then we became friends, then we fell in love and travelled to Australia, Bonny Hills, with my family and friends for our wedding in January 2010.

In 2011 on ANZAC Day, our son, Max, was born at Port Macquarie Base Hospital. We had a lot of family and friends living here, so every year we’d go to Cobar and Port Macquarie for holidays.

In November 2013, Paul and I, our son and my mum moved to Australia – Port Macquarie – permanently. This place means a lot to us, as we have a lot of memories here.

When did you first become interested in makeup artistry?

One of my grandfathers is an artist, and the other one insisted that I attend art school, which I did for five years. After Max was born, I couldn’t go back into the mining industry. My mum encouraged me to do my first makeup course, which gave me an outlet for my artistic talents. Working from home allowed me to enjoy motherhood too.

Tell us about your business … Mailino Makeup Artistry. How long has it been established, and what services do you offer?

I worked as a makeup artist in Kazakhstan for roughly two years, but I formally started Mailino Makeup Artistry in August 2014. I lost my father in July this year, and I wanted to honour him in some way, and Mailino is the hometown where he was born in Kazakhstan.

Regarding services that I can offer to clients, they are: makeup for any special occasion, I can give advice on styling, bridal, casual, formals, photo shoots, and eyebrow shaping. I also do hair styling, but I’m still learning. I’m thinking of giving makeup lessons in the future. I have a salon fitted out in my home, but I’m happy to do home visits.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’m thankful for the opportunities that my job gives me; being able to connect with so many people brings joy and happiness into my life. There is no difference between being an artist and makeup artist; doing makeup, I see the results in people’s eyes and on their faces. The whole idea is to change the attitude about how people think and feel about themselves and enhance their natural beauty. I see it many times, and this makes me happyand proud of the work I do. I do it because I love it.

What are some jobs/clients you’ve had that you particularly enjoyed working with? What made these special?

Working in a team I like just as much as I like to work with individual clients. I have done a couple of Hunter Creative projects with a great photographer, Steve Harris from Fab Photos, and that was good experience. Being behind the scenes and watching how people work together, share ideas, create something beautiful … they have fun and  make lots of memories. It’s really great.

I also like to get involved in charity events, such as the Bravehearts Foundation’s tea party at Sails Resort by Rydges in September. I can only say that everyone is unique, and this brings its own satisfaction.

If you could only ever use three cosmetic items for the rest of your life – what would you choose (and why)?

That would be makeup foundation, lip gloss and a brown eye pencil. This will create a fresh, healthy and natural look; that is my favorite.

What are some common makeup mistakes you generally see women making each day?

Beauty and beautiful looks come in all shapes and sizes. It can be eyes, nose, lips, or your mouth. Highlight it with makeup and make it more attractive. A natural look is the best when it comes to makeup. I say it again: wearing makeup is about highlighting your facial features, not making look overloaded.

Guys may not know much about how exactly it gets applied, but they definitely have an opinion when it comes to how much of it you should be wearing – and when. Another important thing is to look after your eyebrows, because they can change your face look quite a lot … and please use bright colours on your face wisely.

Where can people contact you, or see samples of your artistry?

I can be contacted through Facebook: where you can see various samples of my work from Kazakhstan and Germany.

Final words …

I would like to thank my husband and my best friend  for the great support he gives me,  and also to thank our families. Special thanks to Catherine Picton; I’ve met a lot of good people through her, which has led me to where I am now. Kylie Adkins and her team from Waniora Hair and Beauty Salon also helped me get started. And thanks to all the friends that I have made here already – thank you for caring.

I would also like to say to all, that you should follow your dreams and never give up, because we never know how our life is going to turn out – but it is possible to travel around the world, find new friends, even a soul mate and find yourself.  Do what you love to do; that  is what makes life full of sense, and that makes us happier.

Thanks Kristina.

Interview by Jo Atkins.

Photos courtesy of Fab Photos.

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