Kim Greenwood

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Kim Greenwood is one of the hidden talents in the Port Macquarie art community. Her work is vibrant, detailed and quirky, focusing on flora and fauna in beautifully composed pieces. We chatted with Kim about her work and inspiration. 

Can you tell us what inspires you, Kim?

Nature is one of the biggest influences on my work, especially insects, birds, fish, plants and flowers. I like to look deeply into the structure of all things and highlight the patterns within them. Also, my works tell a personal story, with certain plants, flowers and other images symbolising events and feelings I have or am currently experiencing.

What medium do you work in, and what do you love about it?

I paint with gouache and watercolour. I use watercolour in an untraditional way, as I want to achieve the brightest colours possible; combining gouache helps me to achieve that. I love the way the two mediums work together; when I paint with them, I can basically let them do their own thing on the paper, pushing each other around.

What has been the most exciting project for you recently?

I’m in the process of painting a huge piece at the moment. It’s the biggest creative endeavour I have ever attempted; it stands at about 1.7 m tall. It has pushed me way out of my comfort zone, and I really am enjoying the challenge. I’ve been working on it for about four months; it is nearly completed.

Where can people access your work if they wanted to view it or purchase it?

I have pieces hanging at Arthouse Industries in Port Macquarie, Instagram/kimreddesigns or look me up on Facebook.

We have heard you will be teaching your unique style of artwork soon. Where can people find out about these classes to learn from you?

Yes, this will be my first class teaching my unique style, and the class is being run through Arthouse Industries. Bookings can be made via their website:

I’m very excited about sharing my style, and the class is suitable for anyone. No experience needed. 

What do you love most about being an artist in the Hastings area?

We are lucky here, as we have a great support network around us and for me, I have found this in the form of the Council run Art Smarts program, which brings together a mix of creative people. 

This program is all about commercialising our creative practice, and we bounce ideas off each other, encourage, nurture and inspire one another. For me, it’s like finally finding the tribe I belong to and has given me the balls to say I am an artist and be confident in saying so.

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