Kassie Tubbs – Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Yoga Mummas

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As a hypnobirthing practitioner and yoga teacher, Kassie’s work is split into teaching monthly childbirth courses and daily yoga classes.

“The hypnobirthing course is optimally taught between 20 to 30 weeks,” said Kassie, who aims to keep each course small and intimate.

“Pregnancy is a time of huge change and growth in your life. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest challenges you will face. The hypnobirthing course gives the birthing mother and her birth partner the confidence to approach birth in a positive and empowering way,” said Kassie.

The “hypno” part of “hypnobirthing” refers to the hypnotherapy used during the program – to release fears and condition women to release endorphins during birth. With the help of hypnobirthing, birth can be a calm and relaxed experience.

The course teaches skills to manage strong sensations in labour, prepares the mind to embrace change and helps mums connect with their baby in utero. It also educates mums on choices available to them – for their body and baby.

Kassie loves the synergy between yoga and hypnobirthing, because hypnosis is essentially the same mind state as meditation.

“The mindful practice of hypnosis can help women use their breath as a focal point and become responsive to the subtle sensations of their body.”

Kassie became an accredited hypnobirthing practitioner in 2014 after the birth of her own children, who are now five and seven. She stumbled across hypnobirthing after her own positive birth experience. She discovered not all women had the same experience and decided to train to help others.

An Australian study on effective childbirth education highlighted how important it was to take part in independent childbirth classes. Programs that include complementary therapies have halved the intervention rates for birth.

Kassie is passionate about connecting with nature and being present in daily life. She recently returned from Tonga, where her family volunteered to work for four months.

“We made contact with adventurer Don McIntyre and expressed interest in building the first solid structures on the island. My husband, Richard, is a carpenter by trade and was placed in charge of a group of volunteers to build two eco cabins.”

“It was great to get back to basics, living in a tent with minimal belongings, no running water or refrigeration. Living by nature’s rhythms, always aware of the moon, the tides and the weather is food for the soul.

“The kids learned to fish, snorkel over tropical reefs, climb coconut trees and even swim with Humpback Whales.”

Kassie said that volunteer work in this remote community was rewarding on many levels, bringing a greater sense of purpose to life.

Returning to Australia, Kassie is enjoying the routine of regular yoga practice and sharing her love and energy with soon-to-be mums.

The Hypnobirthing Australia Course prepares parents for one of life’s biggest transitions.

The best part of Kassie’s day is bumping into someone who took her course and hearing how hypnobirthing changed their birth.

“I love to connect with people; to know that you have played a positive part in their life is so rewarding.”



5:30am Daily yoga, meditation practice

7:00am Kids wake, breakfast together and prepare for our day

8:30am Carpool with other families to take kids to The Nature School

10:00am First class of the day, a general yoga class or mums and bubs

11:30am Food shop buying local, seasonal produce from the farmers’ markets where possible

12:30pm Lunchtime yoga class; lunch with clients

1:30pm Afternoons responding to emails and project planning or meet with clients

3:00pm School pick up, snack together and find out about their day

4:00pm Beach swim, catch up with friends, make dinner and eat together

6:30pm Evening yoga class, hypnobirthing course, family time

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