Kamahl, Precious Words & Soothing Songs

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An intimate night with Australia’s entertainment royalty.  Take part in the celebration of one of Australia’s most respected cultural icons, Kamahl, as he is interviewed about his illustrious career and remarkable life. Kamahl will be interviewed live on the Glasshouse stage and once more, his rich bass baritone will sing those beautiful songs we all love and remember.

Thanks to local production company Got Ya Back Productions, this event will only take place in Port Macquarie and is strictly for one night only. Six decades on, Kamahl continues to touch hearts across the world. Do not miss this chance to hear the voice to remember.

Hi Kamahl; tell us where it all began for you musically?

I had my very first live telecast in Adelaide thanks to Rupert Murdoch, whom I had met the year before. In fact, I only wrote to him the other day!

Come next week, it would be exactly 59 years when he invited me to sing for the News Limited Christmas party in Adelaide, and it was completely a surprise, but I happened to be singing in a nightclub in Adelaide and his then wife, Pat, invited me to join her table with Rupert. I didn’t know who he was at the time; in fact, I didn’t know who he was for the next six months. Anyway, she invited me, and I found out many years later that it was a News Limited Christmas party in Adelaide, and that was the beginning of a friendship.Then he bought Channel 9, and the opening night of the very first live telecast in Adelaide of entertainment was in October 1959.

Four years later, Rupert invited me against my wishes to Sydney; he organised a six week season at the Hotel Australia – that was the biggest hotel in Australia – and he and his wife came every Friday and Saturday and sat down and listened. At the end of the six weeks I thanked him and Pat for their generosity and said I would see them sometime in the future; and he asked where I was going. I told him I was going back to Adelaide, of course, and he said, “No, you’re not; Sydney loves you, and you’re going to stay here.” I became a resident of the Murdoch home for the next two years!

Was it at that point that things started to really take off for you musically? 

Yes. To be totally frank with you, I was a useless student; I spent five years in university, I didn’t sit for any exams, but I tried architecture, arts, psychology, and eventually the registrar of the university said he had received instruction from the immigration department to deport me – that was in 1959 – so that was when Rupert came to the rescue as well. He wrote on my behalf and said that I was under his care and jurisdiction and he would guarantee my stay here.

So, if it wasn’t for Rupert Murdoch, you would have been deported?

Oh absolutely, so I am ever so grateful. People often ask, who is the one person who might have changed your life … Without a shadow of a doubt, with his blemishes and everything else, Rupert has been my saviour. I would have been back in Malaysia possibly driving a tourist bus as a singing tour guide …

We’re very excited to have you coming to Port Macquarie for a special show; can you give us an overview of what the audience can look forward to at the show? 

I’m there on the 10th February, to share the gems that I have collected along the way …

Thanks Kamahl.



Don’t miss this special opportunity to see one of Australia’s most iconic artists.
When February 10th – 7pm.
Where The Glasshouse.
Info www.glasshouse.org.au

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