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With their trademark “Day of the Dead” facepaint, Kallidad has a visual image every bit as striking as their one of a kind sound. The line up is two Spanish guitars and a box drum- but don’t let the lightweight set up fool you. They’ve just dropped a brand new album and are stopping off in Port Macquarie to woo their local audience here once again …

It’s been a while since our last chat. What have you guys been up to in the last couple of years?

It’s been a whirlwind! Of course we released the new album Flamingo, which definitely contains our best music yet, and we have toured widely – Europe, New Zealand and all over Australia!

Tell us about Flamingo. What inspired this album, and how did you find the production process?

To me, inspiration is kind of in endless supply. I never feel a need to be inspired – I think a true artist should be able to create on the spot, anytime. So, it was more just a matter of timing. We try to constantly be working on songs and once there’s a whole bunch of them, we get in the studio!

Our friend Phan Sjarif recorded the album – all the band members and Phan went to high school together, so we go way back and have known each other forever. He recorded most of our previous albums too, including Death Fiesta and The Awakening. So production itself was pretty much fun, straightforward and easy!

We’re constantly working on new ideas; whether it’s a new riff that one of us will come up with during a soundcheck or a cool beat Julz will play on the steering wheel whilst driving, there are always plenty of ideas flowing! It’s just a matter of playing them enough so they are ready to record when we are stationary long enough.

With each one of our albums we try to have enough variety that everyone will find something about it they enjoy. The latest album, for example, we’ve got a couple of heavier style songs using drum kits, some classic Blues stuff, more chilled out guitar songs. We even added some vocals, plus a few of the classic “Kallidad” style songs our fans have become familiar with.

What’s the overall sonic vibe?

The main priority was a “live” feel – so, people standing in a room, playing together and feeding off each other’s energy and rhythms. You can feel that in the songs. We also have some brilliant feature musicians on this album – trumpet, violin and a little bit of vocals!

You’re an independent band; what does this mean?

We don’t have a manager, record company, booking agent or financier. We do everything ourselves (or outsource it) and make all our own decisions. Nobody tells us what to do!

You keep coming back to Port Macquarie; what do you love about playing here?

The beautiful support of the audience; it’s that simple! They’re an amazingly loyal and fun bunch of people who come and see us every single time, and we are so grateful for that! 

We always have a great time in Port Macquarie. The venues always treat us really well and genuinely support live music, and the fans are always really great. Port Mac is always our first stop heading up the east coast from Sydney, so it’s a perfect place for us to start a tour. We’re starting to build some great friendships in the area, so it’ll be really great to be back.

What have you got planned for the next twelve months?

A real focus on overseas – we will definitely go to New Zealand and Europe, and I would love to make some inroads into Asia! We should definitely do an album in the next twelve months, and maybe, just maybe, have a tiny bit of that mythical “time off” we keep hearing so much about!

Thanks guys.



Don’t miss Kallidad at Port Panthers on Thursday, November 22nd, 8pm – FREE.


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