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Talented 17 year old local Joel Broad’s card tricks left us all bewildered and amazed after his brief 5 minute magic show in our office. We were so impressed with his charm and magic skills, we wanted to find out more …

Joel, How did you get into the art of being a magician?

I have been interested in magic since I was about 5 years old. I can remember that Mum and Dad used to buy me the kiddies’ magic kits from the shops.

As I got older, I became more and more interested, but it is probably only the last two or three years I have taken it on more professionally and developed my skills.

How did you learn your illusions, and who have been your mentors?

Troppo BOB has been one of my biggest mentors; I could probably say he discovered my talent.

I used do a lot of close up magic – which is the card tricks. That is probably my favourite type of magic, as it is right in front of people; there are no gaps between you and the audience, there are no film tricks and they can really get involved with the magic, and that is all I really used to do.

Troppo Bob has taught me a lot about stage magic and introduced me to the style they do at birthday parties.

He also helped me to find where to buy  my props from, as it is easy to find magicians, but not easy to find out where they get their tricks from.

I have leared a lot of tricks from DVDs, internet and books, which are great resources. The internet is good for learning how to do the tricks, but it can also be bad as it reveals how the tricks are done to the wider audience – this is disappointing, ‘cause it reveals how the trick is done, which is the ‘magic’ itself.

Troppo Bob is a great well known local magician. I don’t know if I will follow in his direct footsteps, as he does a lot of birthday party style magic. I think I prefer the more formal style, commercial events. I do kids’ birthday parties and they are great fun, but I think I prefer the more formal ones.

Tell us about some of your recent shows.

The most recent ones I attended are the Rydges Masquerade Charity ball night, the Mother’s Day event at The Westport Club, when they gave away the car, Port Panthers in the holidays, and also I did a roaming magic show around Settlement City on Crazy Day, as well as a few birthday parties and also appearances at local restaurants, where I entertain the diners.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a magician?

The most rewarding thing about being a magician is seeing the look on people’s faces! When I am doing a trick and building up to the climax of the trick (where the most magic happens), it is just the look on their faces that gets me! It’s weird in a way the different reactions people give; there are the ones who smile and laugh and carry on, and then there are the ones who are so dumbfounded that they just sit there with a blank look on their face! (laughs) Which is really funny!

Are you working on any new special illusions at the moment?

It is hard to create your own illusions! I have tried, but not yet succeeded greatly.

I am building a magic prop at the moment – it is a table, which has magic abilities that I won’t go into. It has been a fun project. This one is really an invention, as I try to combine different magical illusions.

What magicians do you look up to?

One of my favourites is David Copperfield. When I first got into magic, he was one of my main sources of inspiration and one of the greatest magicians of all time.

Raymond Crow is an unusualist, who has been to Port Macquarie before, that I also follow. He was really good, and I enjoyed his magic a lot! It wasn’t so much the magic, but the way he presented it that really got me intrigued.

I enjoy a range of different magicians and their styles.

Do you have any ambitions to visit Las Vegas and further your career?

There are a lot of good magicians in Vegas, and I would love to go there and perform. One of my friends, Joel Howlett has been to Vegas – he was an amateur magician like me and he was invited to perform. I think he sent over a DVD of himself to some of the clubs and then they contacted him to come and perform, so I’ll probably do something similar. Hopefully they will like my magic and invite me over to perform.

So what does the future hold for you, both personally and professionally?

I love doing magic, but I’m not sure I’m going to go down the road of the full on full time magician gig. It’s hard for me to decide right now while I am going through Year 11 and 12 and studying for my HSC. The magic is only part time.

I guess the decision is to either take it on full time, or go on to university and study pharmaceuticals or engineering, as they are my options at the moment.

Do you use magic to woo the ladies? How does that work?

It works very well! ( laughs).

Thanks Joel. All the best for your future.

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