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Meet Jo Rowan from Launch Group, a dynamic powerhouse of a woman who seems to have a never-ending zest for life and all things coaching.

Who are you, Jo, and how do you fit into our local area?

 Well, that depends on what time of the day it is – a mother, business owner, entrepreneur, coach, wife, creative, teacher – the list goes on … and I love all of it!

I have been in the Port Macquarie area for over 12 years now and still love it as much today, as the day I moved here.

My husband and I have raised our three kids here, settled in Bonny Hills, built a series of successful businesses, houses, and just love connecting with all the people and businesses of our amazing, creative growing area.

What is your business?

Launch Group is all about people and their “Brains, Body & Business”.

We work with people coaching, mentoring, rebuilding, creating, developing and discovering who they are, what they want and how to create it!

The coolest thing by far, is the diverse range of businesses and individuals we get to work with.

Imagine a place where communication was clear, work flowed freely, you enjoyed being who you were, achieving all the things you really wanted to do, in every area of your life.

That is what Launch Group is all about, assisting people and businesses to find their “sweet spot” and just thrive!

How did Launch Group come to be?

Well, it’s been about 20 odd years in the making! I’m totally addicted to personal growth and development (to the awesome benefit of my clients!)

I think that comes from the years of dance training, coaching and performing. There is a certain type of discipline required to consistently perform at the top of your game.

Dancers are high-level athletes, who are meticulous about detail, identifying patterns, and systems, areas of improvement and super focused on personal growth and advancement. Layer study and qualifications in Personal Training, Pilates rehab, NLP (Nero Linguistics Programming) business and mindset coaching etc. and you have a disciplined, problem solving machine that loves to teach, identify and correct issue and help others to develop themselves and their projects to a high level.

Enter Launch Group; it brings my diverse skill set together – all the best elements packaged and ready for action!

Who do you help and why?

I do this so that people can live their best lives. Whoever you are, we all have an idea of what achievement is and means. It varies from person to person and is completely dictated by where we find ourselves at the time. My gift is making sure that whoever I am working with is at the head of those decisions, not at the mercy.

We all find ourselves in need of help or mentoring at one time or another; sometimes it can be one small thing that shifts someone to the most amazing breakthrough, and that is the gold right there – people living the best version of whatever it is they want, on their terms. Freedom.

How do we get in touch with you ?

I love to have a chat, so feel free to call me, or send me an email, whatever works the best for you.

Jo Rowan

0415 246 508

Thanks Jo.

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