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Jo Jones has a genuine love for people … families, brides and grooms, to the average person in the street … and this genuine connection with others is highlighted in her photography. Jo can often be found behind the lens shedding a quiet tear of joy at a wedding, and she’s travelled far afield in order to capture people’s everyday or special moments …

Hi Jo. Please introduce yourself, by telling us a little bit about you and your family …

Hi! I’m Jo Jones. I have a husband of eight years – Luke – and we have an almost five year old, very entertaining son, Liam. We’ve just built and moved into our new home, where I have a brand new studio space.

I love good coffee, wine and quality time with my family and friends!

My passion is photography, and I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have many pinch myself moments, where I can hardly believe I have built my business, Jo Jones Photography, and get to do what I do for a living and how photography connects me with many interesting and talented people locally and beyond the Mid North Coast.

What is your first recollection of picking up a camera?

I was gifted my first film camera when I was about 10. I was instantly drawn to taking photos of people, and from what I’m told, have always had a natural eye for detail and composition.

When I was 18, I lived in Japan for 12 months. This had a key role in introducing me to more photography knowledge and technology. Japan was a fascinating place to capture so many interesting, weird and wonderful sights, from fashion to temples.

When/how did you decide that photography would be your career?

I was living in Newcastle, and (very briefly) dabbled in a bit of modelling for print and TV commercials, but was not getting the fulfilment like being on the other side of the lens and decided it was something I wanted to further pursue. So, I purchased a good NIKON DSLR camera.

Jo Jones Photography grew organically, when I started booking friends and friends of friends to take their family photos.

From the very first family I photographed, the buzz I got and continue to get from giving my clients beautiful photos that truly capture emotions and happy times as they unfold is like no other.

I decided wedding photography was an area I wanted to specialise in after I photographed my first couple of dozen weddings and was continuing to get such genuine excitement and happy tears (I have a little tear from behind the lens, at most of my clients’ weddings) for the couple and a feeling of such privilege to document one of the most important day’s in their life.

I have mums of the bride and groom and guests come up to me and express their appreciation and gratitude for me going above and beyond to help make the day run smoothly. I just genuinely care about people and am so passionate about what I do.

What are your favourite types of photo shoot … and why?

I can honestly say I love family photo shoots, weddings and styled photo shoots equally, but for differing reasons.

Styled photo shoots: I have full creative freedom to create a collection of images to showcase a brand and/or product. I get a kick out of working with the extremely talented people and businesses we have in Port Macquarie! I’m not afraid to push the boundaries to bring new, fresh and exciting ideas to life through my photography!

Family shoots, are fun, fast paced, unpredictable and unique to each family! In my family photo shoots I never rush or time watch. We play games and interact to bring out the family and children’s true personalities and special bonds for their photographs.

Weddings: I LOVE everything about weddings. No two weddings are the same, and I approach each wedding differently, taking into consideration my bride and grooms’ personalities and wedding theme.

There are so many opportunities to capture real and beautiful moments between loved ones. I love being there for my brides in whatever they may need on their day, from helping calm nervous mums of the bride (when they want everything perfect for their daughter’s day) to being band aid ready for the bride’s sore feet.

What do you believe is the essence of a good portrait?

A photograph that captures the subject’s personality and evokes emotion from the viewer! For me when I take a portrait, it’s developing a true connection with my client to allow them to feel at ease and comfortable enough to relax and be themselves in front of the camera.

Good lighting: whether it be bright and light, or dark and dramatic to help set the mood of the portrait.

A background free from distraction, or a background that helps tell the story.

What five pieces of photography equipment could you simply not be without?

My camera bodies,

My 50mm lens,

My camera bag to carry and hold my equipment, backups and backups of backups,

Apple iMac,

Lightroom software.

How far and wide do you travel for your photography business?

Well, travel and photography are two of my passions, so I travel almost anywhere and everywhere to photograph weddings, families and products – from Port Macquarie, Australia wide, Fiji, Hawaii!

What is the most unusual setting/location you’ve organised a photoshoot for?

A styled bridal shoot in an outdoor, so far from glamorous, car park and alley!

I had a vision, and the businesses and models I collaborated with had full trust in me and my talent and as a result, we got stunning images, that then went on to be chosen to feature in a well-known wedding magazine.

It was very satisfying!

Where can readers see more of your work, or contact you?

My website: or like Jo Jones Photography on Facebook. I regularly update my Facebook page with photo shoots and offers:

I’m on Instagram for those who’d like to follow me and see more behind the scenes of what I do on location and in my studio, as well as a little look at what I’m up to in my free time:

Those wanting to find out about my packages and availability can contact me by email: or phone 0431 372 285.

Thanks Jo.

Interview by Jo Robinson.

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