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Jean-Louis has always been passionate about the kitchen… so much so, that his whole career has revolved around creating interesting menus from fresh produce and a hint of rainforest.

> Describe your typical day.

I start with breakfast with my family, feed the chooks and collect fresh eggs and herbs. I then get the girls to school and pick up bread for work, open the café and start cooking. I run all day, then close the café and take all the scraps to our chickens and compost. I try to get in a walk along the beach or a yoga session (not often enough, unfortunately).

> How many years have you been working in the kitchen?

I’ve been at the Rainforest Café for 4 years, and 22 years prior to that, I was a chef in France, England and around Australia. My passion has always been the kitchen.

> What do you love most about your job?

I most enjoy preparing food with fresh produce and creating daily specials. We are so lucky here on the Mid North Coast to have access to such high quality, fresh local produce.

> Who inspires you?

Jamie Oliver inspires me for his enduring passion for fresh food; and my wife Cherie, for her patience and endurance.

Dish by Jean-Louis

Dish by Jean-Louis

> What will locals love about Rainforest Café?

People will love our freshly prepared food, great coffee and friendly staff in a location that is good for the soul. Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is such a peaceful and relaxing environment that you can’t help but enjoy.

> What would you recommend from the menu?

For breakfast, I recommend the Rainforest Green Eggs served with organic sourdough. For lunch, we have a variety of specials, but this week I would have to recommended the Fettuccine with fresh crab meat and a seafood bisque sauce. Every week is slightly different, so you need to come in and see for yourself.

> What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spare time … what’s that? When I get the opportunity, I love spending time with family and friends enjoying good food and good wine.

> Describe the team at Rainforest Café.

In the kitchen we have Hillary Anderson, our 2nd year Apprentice Chef, who has been working with us for 18 months. Hillary comes from Taree originally. Hillary is very active and on her days off she loves running and cycling. Hillary has proven herself to be a very loyal and dedicated team member and is progressing well in her trade.

Andrew Clark is a qualified chef who has been working with us for 8 months. Andrew is getting married to his fiancée Amy in December, and they have a beautiful little girl named Miela. Andrew is a skilled chef and a genuinely good-natured team member.

Working with us as waitstaff and kitchenhands we are lucky to have Donna, Margaret, Amanda, Briannon, Saige and Kerrily. Individually and as a team, they all do a fantastic job, and we couldn’t manage without them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the great work they do.

> Thank you Jean-Louis.

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  1. Dominique & Guitoune says:

    Coucou Jean-Louis et Cherie !!

    A lire cet article, j’ai décidé de faire des économies pour aller vous voir et….. Jean-Louis ! Je suis au régime pour éliminer les horribles conséquences de tous les gueuletons que nous avons faits pendant les fêtes ! Tu pourras me préparer des plats hypocaloriques pour me pavaner à la plage de Port Macquarie !!! Hihihihhhiiii !!!

    Gros bisous à nos petits Trekkers d’Australie

    Domie & Guitou

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