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Janette Hyde is a humble woman. With a huge array of awards under her belt, a gracious attitude and a passion for her job at Panthers, she is a very worthy recipient of her latest award, Employee of the Year.

>Congratulations on winning Employee of the Year! How was the event?

The occasion was wonderful and a great compliment to all involved from the Port News.

It is extremely well organised – a very professionally run event.

The attention to detail was fantastic, and if I can mention one person in particular, it’s Marta Merrigan.

> You had such great competition. Did you expect to win?

I was extremely surprised to be awarded Employee of the Year. 

I agree the competition was stiff – every person who was nominated deserved to win. The judges had a very difficult role.

My mother passed away a couple of years ago and I have to say too she was probably my greatest critic. The night of the Awards was her birthday, so I believe she was watching over me.

> Tell us about Panthers, the business you work for?

Panthers is a multi-faceted organisation. It has 14 clubs associated with the brand and employs over 1,000 staff. In Port Macquarie alone we employ 160 staff. This, combined with all of the products, services and facilities supported by the Club, drives many dollars into the Port Macquarie economy. The Club is very mindful of its role in the community, and whenever possible supports activities which will provide this opportunity.

> What qualities do you think one must have to be a good employee?

It probably comes straight out of a textbook, but I am very genuine when I say: 

Passion for what you do, conscientiousness, caring about your customer, being a strong team player, caring about the community that you work in and going above and beyond what you are expected to do.

> What motivates you at work?

I believe everyone needs to appreciate the life they are given and live one day at a time. We really don’t know when our time is going to end.

I am a very positive person, so can only see the glass of water half full. Because I am passionate about my job and the people I work with, I just get a buzz out of coming to work.

It is easy to be motivated when the environment around you is so pleasurable.

> What do you love about the work environment in Port Macquarie and surrounding region?

I have worked for Port Macquarie RSL Club and Port Macquarie Panthers for 31 years and have seen many changes in my work environment over the years. Short Street days, as many of my fellow workers will testify, were wonderful years. The Club was integral to most things that happened – whether it was a sporting event, an entertainment act, hosting conferences and a myriad of other things – it was always fun and the staff at the club were in the thick of it.

 I recall the My Fair Lady and Rio Weeks as some of the best community events Port Macquarie has experienced in recent years. I’m sure there will be others who came before me who would dispute that statement, but they would have been before 1975.

I had some interesting experiences to say the least over the years and have enjoyed being part of the Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association, as well as being involved in a number of other Council Committees.

> What do you love about Port Macquarie?

When my husband Alan and I decided to move to Port Macquarie in 1975 it was a sleepy little village of 8,000 people, and we have watched it grow. It was a very friendly town, with lots of things to do and everybody knew each other.  

Port Macquarie has presented Alan and I with some wonderful opportunities. We purchased the Port Macquarie Food Bar (now Snax) in Horton Street and set about becoming part of the town. After the Food Bar we ventured into the restaurant business and started The Boatshed near the Hibbard Ferry. We certainly have some fantastic memories from those times.

 We decided to have a family, and our son Dion was born. We are extremely proud of the fact that Dion and his wife Tracey have now gone into business themselves. They have South Seafood in Gordon Street.

Today, except for the number of people now living in the town, the attitude of people has not changed, and it is great that we can still be spreading that same friendly, welcoming feeling to all the tourists who regularly come to the region.

It is still fantastic that in spite of its growth, Port Macquarie has retained its charm and is still known as a great town to visit. Ultimately many have made the decision to make it home.

>  Anyone you would like to thank?

I would like to say thank you to the people who have believed in me over the years, especially my husband Alan, my family, Panthers for supporting my nomination, my workmates and friends and the judges who offered me such a great honour.

Special thanks also to the Sponsors of the Employee of the Year Award – Travelworld, Harvey Norman, Brindabella Airlines, Eather Recruitment, Newcastle Permanent Building Society, TAFE and the Port News.

> Congratulations on the award. You truly deserve it. 

Thank you so much.

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