If We All Had Wings

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“If We All Had Wings” is an idea dreamed up by locals Skye Petho, Necia Waghorn and Sue Jogever. It is an arts based fundraising platform, to help raise money to assist local families who are suffering from financial hardship while receiving cancer treatment.

For Skye, this is a project close to her heart since being diagnosed with breast cancer in January this year.

Cancer treatment is hard, but it is so much harder for people if they are struggling financially while going through the journey, and the group wanted to do something to help out locals who might be finding it tough to get food on the table and pay the bills due to their treatment.

It is important to raise awareness in our community about the things you don’t see or think about in relation to cancer, and primarily, the financial stresses involved.

People look at you as a cancer patient and think about your hair falling out, weight loss, how tired you look but for a lot of the people in our community, they are the person who keeps things rolling along in the family home. They are the person who has to make sure bills are paid and there is food on the table while working through the physical, emotional and psychological issues of cancer treatment.

That’s a hard thing to do while having treatment, and this is where #ifweallhadwings comes in.

If we all had wings is an idea dreamed up by some special locals to present a visual display that allows you to interact and play in the space, while giving you an opportunity to think about how we can make a difference.

The starting point for the project has been an amazing mural painted on the wall outside Arthouse Industries on Sunset Parade by local artists Mel Casey and Adam Murray.

The mural is an interactive art space that will attract plenty of attention and make people think about cancer differently.

The next fundraising event will be a public art display and dinner, being held at Drury Lane on the 1st July.

Prior to the dinner you can purchase your own set of angel wings to be part of the public art display from Arthouse Industries or Drury Lane, and tickets for the dinner are available via Livetix.com.au.

Tickets are $100 and include dinner and a drink on arrival. As seats are limited to this event; please book early.

All money raised from this project will go back to local families to help them with the financial stresses involved in the treatment of this cruel disease.

“If we all had wings … we might just fly.”

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