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We are in the process of moving, having sold our place and purchased a new home. Settlement for both will be on the same day, and the people buying our home intend to move in the same day. We are feeling overwhelmed about getting out in time and having the house clean for them. How do we take the stress out of this?

A. It is not easy to take the stress out of moving house. On top of the packing there is so much to do – throw in kids, pets and removalists charging hourly rates and it’s a huge day, even when things go smoothly.

A narrow time frame such as yours requires precision planning and preparation (a good dash of fairy dust would be handy too).

This is definitely a job for professional furniture removalists. Organise for the removalist to visit your place to help you work out how long it should take to get you loaded and away. Check that your removalist won’t be rushing off to do another job the same day – this will allow any unforeseen delays to be factored in, without causing extra stress or rushing. Property settlements mostly run to time; however, there can be hiccups, so having some breathing space ought to be made from leaving your old place and the time you expect to get into your new home.

It may sound decadent, but my big tip is to arrange for a professional cleaning company to come in and take care of the cleaning for you. Let’s face it; cleaning is hardly ever inspiring, but the prospect of cleaning a whole house on moving day, including the bits that have been hiding behind the fridge and washing machine for years … it’s scary!

The money you outlay on cleaners, instead of stretching yourself to the limit, will seem like a really good deal. Your buyers will appreciate the sparkle in your home too.

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