Ask Greg – How long will it take my home to sell?

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Q. How long can I reasonably expect to have to wait to sell my home in Port Macquarie if I list it now?

A. The time between listing and a successful sale will depend on many factors, including location, type of property (is it a house, villa or unit), the available pool of buyers, the number of comparable properties available, how competitive is the price, and the state of repair, among many other things.

According to RP Data, the average time taken for property to sell in Port Macquarie is 113 days for a house and 127 days for a unit.

The best agents consistently sell properties in considerably less time, some within days of being listed.

On the other hand, there are other properties which take a lot longer than the average. Some are tricky to sell with less appealing features, glaring problems or defects. Others are perceived to be overpriced, and therefore generate little buyer interest.

The good news is that there are plenty of steps an owner can take to ensure their property sells sooner. Presentation must be a vendor’s number one priority, because a sparkling home attracts buyers, and first impressions count.

To get another 12 hot tips on how to sell your property faster, visit the Selling Tips section of my website:

Do your research, put in some extra elbow grease, and I am sure you can beat the average!

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