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Local pooch Frankie has found herself instafame, which is no surprise really – she is quite the socialite. You will often find her frolicking at the beach with her siblings, meandering around the local markets, or sipping puppicinos at her favourite café. We caught up with Frankie and found her favourite spots around the area, met her sibliings, and got the scoop on her Sanfran boyfriend, Ozzie …

How long have you lived in the area, and how did you come to call Port Macquarie home?

I am two years old, and I have lived in Port Macquarie my whole life. Port Macquarie is the perfect home for me, because I love the beaches, running on our beautiful, clean sand and looking for the dolphins in the water. 

What are your favourite places to visit around the area with your human?

I love going everywhere that my human goes! My favourite place to go is Lighthouse Beach; I can’t get enough of the water! I am also obsessed with my tennis ball, so we always take it to the beach. I also love going to cafés on the weekend with my humans and my siblings. We usually walk along the breakwall towards Town Beach and stop for a coffee and treats at the end of our walk.

Tell us about your Instagram account; you have nearly 60k followers! What inspired you to start this and how do you feel about your instafame?

My human sister started my Instagram account, so that my mum could share all of the pictures she was taking of me. We never, ever expected this many people to follow us! Now we have lots of Instagram friends all over Australia and the rest of the world. I even have a Labradoodle boyfriend called Ozzie, who lives in San Francisco! My Instagram account has also been good motivation to go out and explore more of Port Macquarie, and it also means my mum isn’t sending so many photos to my sister anymore. 

I love getting my photo taken, as it usually means cheese! 

Your most “liked” Instagram photo to date?

It’s funny, because my most liked Instagram photo so far is actually a photo of my brother, Finn! It has been shared everywhere, he was even a centrefold in a magazine overseas, but I don’t think that many people realise it isn’t me! Finn is a model too now!

What is your favourite snack or treat?

My favourite treat is
definitely cheese; it’s absolutely the very best! I also love having a puppicino at our favourite café and a yummy gelato after a long walk. Bully sticks are pretty good too.

Tell us about your best friends, Poppy, Bam and Finn …

Poppy is 12 years old, and she looked after me when I was a little puppy; I think she thought she was my mummy.

Bam is 11; he’s starting to get a bit grumpy, but he still likes to clean my ears when I let him.

Finn is one year old and he’s my best friend,  although he can go a little crazy. We go everywhere together; he loves to run and swim at the beach too.

We also have Henry, our cousin living with us, and he’s usually out on our walks too.

For those reading who spot you in the street, where is your favourite “scratchy spot”?

Definitely under my chin … it’s the best! I will accept scratches all over though. 

What are your plans for the summer?

In the summer you’ll most likely find me at Lighthouse Beach or Nobbys Beach with Poppy, Bam and Finn. 

Where can our readers follow your journey?

I share all of my adventures in Port Macquarie on my Instagram account. My Instagram handle is @frankiethelabradoodle 

Thanks Frankie.

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