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Best known as a singer songwriter, Ella’s career has developed from the rock of Killing Heidi, who brought a new edge to classic Australian music. Ella has been celebrating 20 years of Killing Heidi with brother Jesse all throughout 2017.

Her solo career has seen the release of two EPs, Venom and New Magic. These follow on from her first solo record, In Tongues. A nod to the ‘90s, New Magic is warm mid-tempo pop and complements Venom, the starkly powerful EP keeping her loyal fan base hungry for more.

Being a multi-media talent, Ella has regular appearances on radio and television – ABC (television and radio), and channel 10’s The Project. On top of this, Ella performs her hits for many Australian loved shows, including The Morning Show, and she proudly captained the re-boot of Australia’s favourite comedy quiz, Spicks and Specks. She has done two killer performances on RockWiz, singing Divinyls’ Pleasure and Pain, and a duet with Dan Sultan, both RockWiz classics.

In her various roles, Ella has been a host, moderator, mentor, and philanthropist. She has worked with APRA, the Push, Mushroom Music and various not-for-profit organisations. Ella also joined the board of Creative State, advising the State Government on the concerns of the Victorian music scene, and has also been delighted to join the board of the Victorian Women’s Trust, a leading feminist philanthropy organisation.

Ella has been announced as one of the headlining acts on the bill at this year’s Wingham Akoostik Festival, bringing with her a catalogue of hits both from her solo collection, some old crowd pleasers and a whole lot of Ella Hooper sass. This year’s festival is set to be one of the most memorable yet …

Hi Ella. Most people will remember you as the girl rocking the dreadlocks alongside your brother, Jesse, in Killing Heidi. Since then you have picked up five Arias and penned a bunch of award winning songs; did you ever think back then you would have experienced such a successful career?

In short, no – not really! I would have been happy with a career in music, but it didn’t specifically need to be as wild and up and down and decorated as it has been! But I’m glad that is HAS.

Throughout the years you have had some amazing encounters, one in particular with none other than the incredible Stevie Nicks, which inspired you in 2014 to release In Tongues. Tell us about that …

It was such an honour and obviously very exciting to meet Stevie … Jesse and I both hold her in such high regard, and the conversation she had with us about songwriting and career advice was a pretty special moment to share. She also gave us these little silver moon necklaces, which I now wear for good luck when I feel like I need it.

2015/16 saw you back up In Tongues with the release of Venom / New Magic. What was the inspiration behind this body of work?

I hate to say it was a big, dirty break up, which hit me for six, that was the inspiration for that double EP. However, the lighter disc, new magic, in which I explore moving through it, coming out the other side stronger, smarter and renewed, is definitely more the direction I’m heading in now, both musically and life wise.

You’re sharing the headlining spot at this year’s Wingham Akoostik Festival. What are you looking forward to about being a part of this unique event?

Everything! It sounds amazing, and I’ve heard rave reviews from muso friends … So, I’m really looking forward to testing out some new material in a beautiful setting and enjoying the other bands.

Can we expect some old KH stuff, as well as your new solo material?

No, I don’t really mix the two but I do chuck in some covers, so there’s definitely a few crowdpleasers that everyone will know.

Thanks Ella.


Catch Ella Hooper at the Wingham Akoostik Festival, 13 – 15 October.

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