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Now you can attend a festival and do good for the environment at the same time! Meegan Stephens, President of our local Coastal Warriors crew explains the big plans for used cans at the upcoming FOTSUN event …

Hi Meegs. Most locals are familiar with the great work of our Coastal Warriors group, but what have the crew been up to lately?

We’ve been busy in and out of local schools providing education and raising awareness with the kids. We have also been getting organised for FOTSUN 2019 and running our monthly clean-ups. 

The Coastal Warriors team will be on-site at FOTSUN this year, with a special project called “eCANomy”. What is this – and how will it work?

It’s a great initiative that we are excited to be working on with FOTSUN in 2019. We will have a main exchange centre inside the festival and a few smaller stations scattered around the festival. At these smaller stations, we will chat with festival-goers and encourage them to use the eCANomy. 

Festival-goers will fill their hessian sack with used cans and bring them to us to recycle in exchange for items of their choice. We had a great response from local businesses, who generously donated. A few examples of items available include stubby coolers, reusable bags, vouchers for local shops, food and coffee vouchers, and yoga sessions, just to name a few. 

How much support have you received to date from potential FOTSUN vendors and festival organisers?

Everyone involved has been great to work with. This community is always enthusiastic and supportive. FOTSUN has so many great waste initiatives, and we were stoked to be asked to work on the eCANomy with them. The festival market vendors have been very supportive, offering vouchers that can be exchanged for cans, which is awesome!

What are you hoping to achieve with eCANomy?

We hope to collect and recycle upwards of 25,000 cans. Instead of sending many of these cans to landfill, we hope this initiative helps us recycle responsibly as many cans as possible. After the festival is over, a company from Coffs Harbour Recycling Centre will travel down to collect the cans and take them to be recycled and reused. This should also ensure a smoother clean up after the festival and encourage the festival-goers to be more engaged with their waste and what happens to it after they finish with it. 

The main idea is to ensure cans are recycled responsibly and effectively, and by having great incentives for the festival-goers, we are certain they will utilise the program. 

Where can we find out further info, both about eCANomy and Coastal Warriors in general?”

We are contactable via our social media on Facebook and Instagram, and our website: 

We have monthly clean-ups around our community on the first Saturday of every month between 8 – 11 am. Our next clean up is our annual “butt blitz” on Town Green on December 7th, 2019. 

Thanks, Meegs.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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