Digital Signs join forces with Olive Communications

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Digital Signs and Olive Communications have joined forces at a new location in Port Macquarie.





Tell us about the recent merger of Olive Communications and Digital Signs and Printing. What made you decide to join forces?

I’d been looking for a couple of years for a like-minded local business in the same industry with complimentary services and products to Olive Communications.

Olive Communications is a print management business and is built on a print broking/management model. Digital Signs and Printing is the premium local wide format digital printing, signage, point of sale and display solutions business. When the owner approached me about the sale of his business, it appeared to me that this was the type of business I’d been looking for in terms of customers, product offering, culture and performance, plus it was a perfect fit.

What does this mean for your customers?

Customers want to be able to spend as much time as possible working on or in their own business and not worrying about printing and print management solutions. With Olive Communications and Digital Signs and Printing joining forces, they can come to one shop and work with one team for everything from their business cards, to their marketing collateral, to the signage on their premises or vehicles and anything else they dream up!

With our vast supplier network and with the help of Information technology, we can deliver your project locally, or we can easily source the right solution for our clients from all over Australia and up into Asia, which we regularly do depending on the brief, budget and specification.

Our studio manager, Gary Hunt, has already integrated our creative and design department across both Olive and Digital Signs, so we are able to keep an eye on the application of your brand across all the pieces you apply it to, ensuring consistency in your message – this is becoming more and more important as the market place becomes more cluttered and harder to differentiate your brand or point of difference.

What are some of the premium services now on offer from both Olive Communications and Digital Signs & Printing?

Olive Communications has over 20 years of experience in the advertising, design, printing, print management and direct marketing industry, and that experience and network is also being applied to Digital Signs. The result is that we bring a fresh set of eyes to everything we do across both companies, enabling our customers to have a much broader product range to look at and our staff to have better training and outcomes for their tasks or projects.

What types of printed marketing materials have both businesses become known for?

Olive Communications has focused on the sheet-fed offset, web-fed offset and small format digital printing market, while Digital Signs has focused on the large format digital printing, signage, point of sale and display solutions market, and I don’t see this changing in the short term. In fact, as we grow, I’d hope to add other manufacturing capabilities, more resources and products to an already impressive suite.

Tell us about the new location. What benefits does this new space provide?

The office is great and a really friendly and fun space for both staff and customers – Gary and I are planning to remodel it at some stage, to make it more of a lounge type environment. The other great benefit is it’s easy to get to, and there is never a problem with parking.

What will be a major goal for Olive Communications and Digital Signs & Printing now that everything is in the one place?

Ultimately I’d like to put the whole business together under one new brand called ‘Print Power’ or something, but that’s a couple of years away. We would like to integrate as many customers across all of our products as possible, but that will take time, and so far the feedback has been really good.

Thanks Guy.


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