Decade Of The Thundakat Tour, Thundamentals

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Thundamentals are on the road celebrating 10 years of making music. Focus caught up with Jeswon for a quick chat about the last decade …

Hi Jeswon. Congratulations on 10 years of Thundamentals! Take us back 10 years ago; how did you guys come together?

We all come from a small town in the Blue Mountains. Morgs and Tuka were friends since they were pretty young; I didn’t move up to the mountains until I was 17 years old. I met the guys through the love of Hip Hop and music. We met at house parties and found that we were all big fans of Hip Hop – that culture and that music. We had friends around us who were already doing shows and starting to make records … We would make music with them on a casual level, but they inspired us to take it more seriously. We made the transition of being fans of music to wanting to have a go at making it ourselves; it all just came from a place of friendship and appreciated of music.

It was a pretty organic thing … When you’re such a big fan of something, I think you reach a point where you’re kind of like, I have to give this a go myself, and that’s how I feel it evolved for us. I think that’s the key to why we’ve been able to do this for so long, because before we started making music together, we were friends, and to this day – above everything else – we’re friends.
And who were some of your major influencers? Urthboy, who has had a successful solo career and initially was part of “The Herd”, and also one of the founding members of “Elefant Traks”, which is a pretty influential Hip Hop label based in Sydney. Also, really good friends of ours are the “Hermitude” guys; they’re old friends we grew up with. We recorded our first ever EP back in 2008 with one half of Hermitude in his family studio in the Blue Mountains, with him and his father. So, those are some of the guys that we looked up to.

There was a crew back then called “Down Under Beats Crew”; they won one of the super early triple j Unearthed comps back in the day; they were a big inspiration too. They were the closest to what we were doing or wanted to do.

Ten years means a whole lot of tours, fun, studio sessions … You’ve kicked off a regional tour, which is almost completely sold out. Tell us about the guys you’re bringing along with you … One is a brother named Adrian Eagle; he’s a super talented, exciting vocalist from Melbourne, and he’s got a beautiful unique voice. He’s got a song out at the minute called 17 Again, which you should check out online; it’s really good. And then we’ve got the other homie, B Wise, who’s a guy that we’ve been fans of since we first heard of his music a few years ago. He’s definitely on the come up, a guy to keep your eyes and ears peeled for; he’ll be doing big things in the very close future.

Thanks Jeswon.


Decade Of The Thundakat Tour *18+*
When Saturday 14th April (opening 8pm).
Where Panthers Port Macquarie, Settlement City,
1 Bay Street, Port Macquarie.

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