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Husband and Wife team hendo and minnie have combined their talents and style into creative venture Death Do Us Art, the pair chats to Focus about life, art and their journey.

Take us back to the beginning; how did you two love birds meet, and what are your creative backgrounds?

Min: We were mates for a while before we got together; it started out with a tattoo, and then we began writing music together. Our first official date was on Valentine’s Day six years ago. We had a cake fight; it was fun.

Hendo: I’ve loved drawing since I can remember. When I was a kid, I used to just copy pictures that I thought were cool, and then through my teen years I got into surfing, so surf art was a natural progression. Then I went on to start tattooing in my early twenties, dream job, but sure ain’t no walk in the park. You have to be versatile enough to suit everyone’s styles and also keep up with the trends. With Death Do Us Art though, I’ve been able to come back to my surf art/lowbrow roots.

Min: Yeah, well I did art at school and then went on to study graphic design. I’ve always loved humour in art; I like puns and caricatures and things like that, and I get inspired by music as well. I tried pursuing some legit graphic design jobs, but didn’t enjoy it and always came back to doing my own stuff.

So you have since married, have three beautiful children and you’ve recently embarked on a new journey together, collaborating with your artistic skills. Tell us about that …

Min: We have three gorgeous girls; they are such little legends.

Hendo: Since we got together, we have always had some sort of collaboration on the go – some worked, some didn’t. But we’ve settled into this one for now ha ha.

Min: So basically we’re creating art together and getting it made into T-shirts, stickers and other stuff.

How would you describe Death Do Us Art’s style, and what’s the story behind the name?

Hendo: I guess you’d say it’s lowbrow art, but call it what you want! It’s tongue in cheek – not to be taken too seriously.

We didn’t really know what to call ourselves, and Death Do Us Art was the best we could come up with. Seems fitting, as most of our art is skulls and zombies and stuff like that.

What mediums do you favour, what’s the process behind achieving a final product, and what do you offer?

Min: I do some of my work on the computer, but I also work with artline pens. A lot of the time Hendo will do a drawing on paper, and we’ll get it scanned in and have a play around with it on the computer. Then when we’re happy with it, we’ll either get it made into something wearable, or stickers or stubby coolers.

Hendo: , then once the drawings are scanned in, we frame the original artwork and put it up for sale. I’ve got a few hanging in my booth at Wildfire Tattoo.

In terms of printing etc. what is the process, and what locals do you work with to achieve your end result?

Min: All our screen printing is done by Blackdog Ink; we just send them our art and how many shirts or whatever we want done, and they take care of everything. We do limited edition prints of all our stuff and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Hendo: We have had a lot of local support – family and friends and the crew at Wildfire helping us get it out there.

Where can we go to view and purchase your works?

Min: We’ve got an online store or you can hit us on instagram @death_do_us_art or Facebook /deathdousart – or if you want to see some original art, head into Wildfire.

What are your plans/goals for Death Do Us Art?

Min: I guess short term we wanna get some summer stuff happening; we’ve got winter sorted, but when it warms up we’ll do some singlets and maybe some beach towels..

Hendo: And we’re gonna do a few one off shirts. We’ve spoken to the guys at Blackdog Ink, and they’re keen .. But yeah, we’re just rolling with it, doing our best to keep the nightmare alive ha ha.

Thanks guys.

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