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Skate boarding’s profile locally is about to receive a big boost, with the opening of the state of the art Town Beach Skate Park …  David  explains his role at Stomp, helping people to make the most of this new world class



David, you’re a professional skater. How did you get into the sport?

Well, it all started back when I was about 9 years old, when my dad gave me and my brother a skateboard each. They were little plastic banana boards, back at that stage. My dad used to ride a skateboard when he was little, so he was like, “I’ll show you how to ride one”!

He would do crab walks, helicopters, three-sixties and even handstands, all the way down our street. All the kids in the street thought he was pretty cool and from there, my passion has not ceased.

Council is just about to finish the new $700,000 skate park on Town Beach. How much are you looking forward it opening, and what will it be like compared to other skate parks?

Personally, I can’t wait until it opens. It’s going to be crazy! The skate park design is one of the finest in Australia, because of its variety and its unique features to accommodate all skill levels – and with the potential to host major professional skateboarding events.

The park consists of a three leaf clover shaped bowl rolling out into one of the most amazing street plazas I have ever seen. Crafted by ‘Convic’, the largest skateboard design and construction company in the world and with help from the local skateboarding community’s perspective and input, insured that the end design has something specific to all styles of skating and extreme sports.

The Town Beach skate park on the Mid North Coast compares to the utmost highest quality of craftsmanship; therefore, no other future designs funded by local Councils should look elsewhere to design and construct a skatepark other than one from ‘Convic’ Designs.

We hear you’re hoping to start coaching clinics at the new park?

Yeah. I have joined up with Ashley Benson and Tim Young to establish a local start up business called Stomp, which is focused on providing coaching clinics for anyone wishing to learn how to skate! It’s going to be really exciting, and we’re happy to bring something back to the community.

The best example of our service would be very similar to Port Macquarie Surf School’s ‘Learn to Surf’,  except our craft will be to learn to skateboard.

We’re hoping the local Council will get behind us with this community based business, which we believe will help reduce vandalism and also educate people about the correct use of the skate park and create a sense of respect and ownership among all people who use it.

What kind of classes will you offer?

We will be offering group classes for beginners and experienced riders and also private classes for people who would like a more specialised class to learn harder skate tricks. We’ll also give competition advice and filming options to fast track riders’ skill level, to increase sponsorship opportunities and to give them the potential to make a career out of skateboarding.

We also have the rights to hold the new Street Wise Programs through Skateboarding Australia, who are partnered with the Australian Sports Commission. This community based program is a free 2-day coaching clinic that we will run at the new skate park for anyone wanting to learn how to skate! They can head on down to the park, jump on a skateboard and have some fun!

Stomp will also be doing school sport programs, skateboarding camps and skateboarding events/ contests.

You and some of your fellow skaters have been accredited as skateboarding coaches with Skateboarding Australia. What was involved in the process?

There are a total of 6 of us in the Stomp team. We had to venture down to Sydney and complete a 2-day practical and theory skateboarding course with the National Development Manager, Richard Flude from Skateboarding Australia, who is a dedicated skater himself!

The course is great. It runs you through all the educational requirements to coach someone correctly from the start of the class to the end, which would include: warm up stretching, checking your gear is ready to use, wearing pads and helmets if needed, bailing off your skateboard techniques, and much more!

The focus of the course is to also make sure we, the coaches, are aware of safety and show respect for the attendees and create that fun environment.

Health and wellbeing also play a big part in the coaching clinics?

I’m sure we’re all very aware in this day and age of all the distractions that are keeping kids in the house and not outdoors. With Australian obesity at a high rate, we want to focus on creating a fun learning experience to help keep kids healthy and active.

We also have a qualified nutritionist on board by the name of Rosie Mansfield, who operates her own online business: Rosie will play a vital role in ensuring everyone has a general idea about having a healthy lifestyle, through education of food groups and the correct level of meal intakes.

Thanks David.


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