Danny Bhoy – Comedian

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Incomparable comedian Danny Bhoy will be presenting his unique blend of humour in a brand new show at the Glasshouse this month…

Was comedy always for you? what jobs did you do before getting your break?

Well i did uite a lot of jobs actually. In 1998 I was agraduate and got a degree in history- thats gone to a bit of a waste now, hasnt it? I did all sorts, really. Temp work in offices, shops and bars- and then tried comedy at night. Slowly, it started taking over the day routine!

There are lots of people who try and fail at comedy how did you feel when realised you had made it.

I dont think you ever make it- thats the great thing and most frustrating thing about comdey. There is always more to achieve, becausee I never feel like I have done the perfect gig- there is always another step to take up the ladder. First its five minutes… then its 20 minutes your on stage, until you have your own show and then sometimes a two hour show. Then you try to compile a DVD, then you want to go to another country and try and cracjk it there. Its always evolving, and what people find funny is always changing, so as a comedian you have to move with the times a bit.

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