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Daniel Jordan has built his business, Joyer, on a passion for good design. That his enterprise continues to expand is a testament to the quality of work the business produces. But it’s not all just business, as the company is a big supporter of the many local organisations, local arts and much more.

> Daniel, tell us about the opportunities that brought you to Port Macquarie and why you chose to open your business here.

I was born and grew up here in Port Macquarie and left for Sydney after completing high school to attend university. Since that time, I have worked in the IT industry for over 15 years throughout Australia and overseas, working for organisations such as AMP, Energy Australia, Qantas, Bell Atlantic and National Australia Bank.

In 2005 I decided to return home to Port Macquarie to be closer to my family; my younger sister had just had her first child. Upon returning to Port, I discovered a niche gap in the local market for professional IT and Design services, which led me to start Joyer here in Port.

Since that time, Joyer has grown to a team of 12, including a second office in Sydney. Our Port Macquarie office is on Murray Street, and quite interestingly is directly opposite my father’s business, Bob Jordan’s Barber Shop. He often says it allows him to keep an eye on me, but for anyone who knows him, it is more likely me keeping an eye on him!

> What services do you offer at Joyer?

Joyer provides a diverse range of professional services across three divisions, Joyer IT, Joyer Design and Joyer Print:

Joyer IT supplies computer and network support to a wide range of commercial clients, large and small. Joyer IT also supplies and supports many local businesses’ hardware and software needs. We are the only Microsoft Certified Gold Partner between Newcastle and Queensland, giving our clients unique access to the vast array of Microsoft resources.

Joyer Design provides comprehensive website development, marketing and creative design services through both our Port Macquarie and Sydney branches. The division supplies uniquely customised website solutions, brand and marketing consultancy and creative advertising and design solutions to a broad range of clients, locally, nationally and internationally.

Joyer Print offers a very competitively priced digital printing, photocopying, binding and laminating services for both one-off and contract clients. Our printing service is focused on high quality and great customer service and offers free delivery within the local area.

> Tell us about your recent expansion.

Our Design team has recently expanded its services to offer a full and extensive range of branding, marketing and advertising services to businesses. To achieve this we have added key staff to the team in both Port Macquarie and Sydney offices and have started offering these services to local and national businesses.

Recently, we won the Hastings Co-Op contract to supply and manage their branding and all ongoing marketing services and have also been able to work on some large brands including Dominos Pizza, SA Police, IBM, QLD Nursing, Busways and Mid North Coast NSW Tourism.

> You mentioned you are also accredited as a Gold Member with Microsoft. What does that mean for local businesses?

Microsoft Gold Partner is the highest level of certification that an IT business can achieve within the Microsoft group, and Joyer was very proud to achieve this certification earlier this year. To become a Gold Partner we needed to reach certain technical certifications and Microsoft surveyed our clients to ensure we could implement their solutions in real life, not just on paper.

By being a Microsoft Gold Partner, local businesses can be assured that we have access to the highest level of Microsoft support and information and have the most intimate knowledge of Microsoft platforms and technologies.

> Joyer is a community minded organisation and you sponsor a range of events and people… tell us about that.

Joyer is a team of local people, many with a long history in the area and also with their own young families. Joyer’s growing young family became quite apparent at a recent Joyer BBQ, which had 20 ‘Joyer children’ in attendance along with their parents. There have been quite a few jokes during our daily morning teas that we should start looking at opening a new Joyer Childcare division.

The team at Joyer is not only passionate about what we do but also about the region, and we are constantly looking at ways to support local events and people.

Some events that Joyer supports include the Mid North Coast Innovation Festival, the Mid North Coast Signature Dish competition, the Hastings Sports Awards, as well as local organisations and people including tournament water skier – and local girl Karina Nowlan, the Port Macquarie Rugby Club, Port Players Theatre and the Port Macquarie Surf Life Saving Club

We are also a major supporter of business associations and are current members of the Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce, the Business Enterprise Centre and the NSW Business Chamber and also drive a business diary and calendar service for local businesses along with the Port News.

> As you move forward with your business, how important is it to keep up to date with technology … especially in your field?

It is critical. Technology continues to move at a very fast pace, and keeping abreast of the latest technologies allows us to always offer our customers the most efficient and cost effective solution. We pride ourselves on being the most experienced and skilled technology business in the region.

We are also focused on using the latest technologies and trends for our customers’ marketing and advertising solutions. The internet is becoming more widely used by businesses to market their products and services. It is a cost effective way to promote a business and to also reach a wider customer base. As the internet becomes more accepted as a marketing medium, competition is also increasing. Having a website is now not enough without having a unique look, point of difference, clear purpose and marketing to push traffic to the website.

> What are your plans for the future?

Personally, I am planning to take some time off later this year to spend with friends and family and take advantage of the beautiful place we all live in.

As for Joyer, we are looking to continue to grow while still providing outstanding professional services to local businesses. We will also keep looking for ways to help support the local community businesses and the wider community as a strong local region is what we all want to see.

> It sounds like Joyer could meet the needs of many businesses. How do people get in contact with you?

The easiest way is to give us a call on 6586 2111. You can also pop in to our office and have a chat. Our office here in Port is on Murray Street, under the Northpoint building and just down the road from the old Ambulance Station.

You can also go to our website: www.joyer.com.au to have a look at some of our recent work and for some more information on our business.

We are always keen to sit down with a business and see if there is a way we can support their business and its success. Come in some time and have a coffee with one of our team.

> Thank you Daniel.

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