Combined Comedic Talents Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins’

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Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins’ combined comedic talents come together to enthral audiences aged from 5 to 500-million … in a show that is truly More Fun than a Wii! Don’t miss this unforgettable performance at the Glasshouse on July 13.


Hi guys. I have to say, owning a Wii myself, that it’s a fairly entertaining pastime. Why do you reckon you’re more fun than a Wii?

Matt: Well – now there’s a challenge! Does your Wii throw up on you?

No – not recently!

Matt: Ohhh – well there you go! We’re like a Wii that comes out of the screen. Our show is very interactive.

Richard: But a Wii IS very interactive – that’s what you’re saying. You just shot a torpedo straight into our marketing! You do know we’re talking about a Nintendo Wii, don’t you?

Matt: Ohhh – I thought you were talking about the one you do in the morning!

Richard: No, no, no. Nintendo Wii!

Matt: Well, it’s a lot more fun than that!

You two are a barrel of laughs! How did you come up with the concept for the show?

Richard: Matt and I have been doing comedy together now, on and off, for about 10 years. We kept coming up with ideas for our own kids’ show, so we made a list of all the things we’d like to put in the show, and that’s how we came up with this show.

How many years have you been developing the show?

Matt: It’s been on the road for 3 years …

Richard: But before that, we were probably thinking about it for 3 or 4 years …

Matt: I’m 32, and I’ve been told I was stupid since I was born. So in this way, it’s been in development for 32 years!

Richard: Even in the womb you were an idiot!

You’ve both performed for adults as well. Are kids a particularly tough gig?

Matt: Totally. If a kid’s bored, they’ll let you know!

Richard: It’s kind of a fine line being able to ride their amazing energy. You want them to be awake, and engaged, and laughing … but you also don’t want them to storm the stage and tear you limb from limb!

The subject matter of your show has been described as everything from tea towel aliens to … well, the sky’s the limit, really! What are some of the topics you cover?

Matt: Well … there’s this secret that all Nans have, that we expose in the show.

Oh really?

Matt: Yes. All Nannas are secretly Ninjas.

Richard: You don’t hang out with your Nan all the time, do you? You see her at times, then at other times you don’t see her. So this is a story about what she does when you’re looking the other way …

Matt: Also, we make a sandwich that has all the most disgusting things in the world you can think of on it.

Richard: Well, no – not really. The sandwich has all of the nicest things on it, but they’re all put together. That’s what makes it disgusting. You take chocolate, which is nice, and a hamburger, which is nice, and then put chocolate into the hamburger … then you’re going into a problematic area.

Ewww … are we talking about a virtual sandwich here, or do you actually eat the real thing?

Matt: We make that sandwich. It has 14 ingredients on it – and then I eat it.

And you’re still alive to tell the tale …

Matt: I’ll tell you a little secret. I throw it all up!

Richard: He doesn’t really!

How tough is it really to engage such a wide age range in your audiences?

Richard: If I may answer a question about a funny show in a serious way, I think there is heaps of stuff that people genuinely laugh at. It’s a genuinely good comedy show … like a Pixar film, or an English Pantomime … and certain Monty Python sketches that are silly, fun and engaging, and people of all ages love them. It just comes naturally to us … obviously we avoid certain subjects, but we just get up on stage and play with our audience, and there’s a joy in that.

How do you get the kids involved in the show? Do you get them up on stage at all?

Richard: Yes, there are a couple of audience interactions, us going out into the audience, and also us talking to the audience directly – there’s no fourth wall in our show.

Matt: We also get a dad up on stage. And they can be so boring!

Richard: So many bad jokes …

Matt: Generally the dads we get on stage always seem to have had baked beans for breakfast …

Richard: Yes – which is really weird!

Sounds … interesting! So, all in all, what else can you tell us about the show, and why should Port Macquarians go and watch you guys?

Richard: Our show was nominated for the best show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival a few years ago, and I think we were the only kids’ show to ever be nominated for that award. We have a really amazing comedy scene in Australia, and it only exists because people go to see live comedy.

So for the people of Port Macquarie – take a risk … come and see two guys you may not have seen on TV; we guarantee we will put on a good show, and you will laugh.

Matt: I’d also like to add that if you’ve ever taken your kids to see a Wiggles show, and you thought there wasn’t enough vomit – come and see our show.

Richard: And … the kids will be doing something which is not looking at a screen – which is kind of amazing nowadays!

Thanks guys – you’ve been a whole bundle of fun, and I’m sure your show will be a sell-out. Interview by Jo Atkins.

This story was published in issue 80 Greater Port Macquarie Focus

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