Club North Haven Million Litre Promise

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Club North Haven have introduced a fantastic initiative to help our drought-ravaged local farmers doing it tough. With the desire to support our local community, the Million Litre Promise is set to donate and deliver water right where it’s needed.

What a great idea! How did the club come up with this, and what was the process of getting it up and running? 

The idea of helping out farmers during this drought came from a conversation with Andrew Pratt, one of our bar supervisors. He asked me if there was a way that we could help support our farmers by sending water to the drought-stricken farms. From there, I made a few calls and got some costings together, contacted a few farmers I’d met during a Camden Haven Tourism networking afternoon and found out that the local farmers were in just as much need as the farms out west. We thought if we could help our backyard first, we may be able to challenge other areas to do the same. As always, we don’t like doing things by halves; if we were going to do something to help we would make sure it was substantial, so we set a goal of delivering one million litres.

How is the club raising the money to donate the water? 

The best way we thought we could raise the money was by leaning on our suppliers and local sponsors to create a partnership that would help us through both marketing and an opportunity of a purchasing agreement with Lion, our beer supplier. This agreement meant that we could donate one dollar from every schooner of Tooheys (e.g. Iron Jack) sold to purchase a tanker of water. As we broke it down, it worked out than an average of 300 schooners sold would pay for 15,000 litres of water to be delivered to a local farm. We also used our partnership with First National Real Estate North Haven to help with a social media campaign and to grow awareness of what we are doing. As always, First National wanted to help beyond the media presence, so Stuart and his team decided to donate $150 from every sale they made to go towards our goal.

The promise is one million litres before Christmas. Where are you sitting with numbers at the current moment? 

At the moment we are well on our way, with over 645,000 litres delivered so far, and we are also receiving donations from local members and businesses, so those donations will ensure that we will meet our one million litre promise and no doubt have the opportunity to deliver even more if required.

How do the local farmers get the water delivered, and do they need to register for this initiative?

The best part about this initiative is how simple it is. We have certain processes and requirements that must be met before we arrange the water deliveries but apart from that, the farmers don’t have to do much at all. Simply contact me (Shane Globits) or Peter Negus at Club North Haven on 6559 9150, and we do the rest. We contact the water couriers, and we pay the invoices. The farmers don’t have to worry about any fees, so the money they save on purchasing water can go towards other things to keep their farms up and running.

What have been the reactions of the farmers who have received a truckload of water?

The reaction has been fantastic so far. There is a range of emotions at times; Some cry with happiness, some farmers are just purely relieved that there is one thing they don’t have to worry about paying for this week or month, depending on how long the water lasts. The main response we get is that it helps their mental state just knowing that there are people and businesses that care about them and want to help out. 

What are you most proud of with this initiative?

The proudest part of this program that we have put together is that our local community has responded so positively towards it and know that by doing something that is in their regular routine and day to day life, such as buying a beer, can help out our local farmers and contribute to them having a better go at keeping their farms up and running.

 We are also exceptionally proud that we initiated this program and by challenging other clubs to do the same, we now have a blueprint that Clubs NSW have taken on board and are delivering across the state. We now have MPs discussing how they can help our farmers more, and this is all because the community care.

Thanks, Shane.

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