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Carol is a Style Coach, using a combination of personal styling skills and positive psychology to help her clients be the people they want to be. She tells us about her business, CMStyle …

> Hi Carol. How long have you lived on the Mid North Coast?

My family and I moved to the Mid North Coast in 1991 and made Port Macquarie our home, and we have resided here in this beautiful destination ever since. I love the relaxed coastal lifestyle, scenic walking tracks and the tranquil environment that this town provides.

> Give me a brief history about yourself and where your life has taken you thus far?

My career commenced in the area of business many years ago, gaining useful skills and experience. I have always felt a passion for creativity, styling and wellbeing, which led me to undertake studies in fitness, health and natural therapy.

These skills gave me an appreciation and an understanding for the health benefits of treating people using a holistic approach.

I was given an invaluable opportunity to work in the fashion industry practising consulting, window display and visual merchandising, which enabled me to gain valuable expertise and experience in creativity and being of service to others, allowing me to smoothly transition into my dream role of Style Coaching.

> Over the past few years you have established your successful Style Coaching business, CMStyle. What is a Style Coach, and how does it differ from a regular Fashion Stylist?

A Style Coach is someone who is trained to practice a unique combination of the skills of a Personal Stylist and of a Personal Coach, embracing the person with a holistic approach.

As a Style Coach, I can teach people the techniques of looking and feeling their very best by combining both personal styling and positive psychology to nurture them toward positive changes in their lives, both externally and internally.

A Style Coach helps the client to become the person they want to be and live the life that they deserve. Style Coaching is not just about the clothes you wear and the image you present to yourself in the mirror and to the people around you. It is about you, your body and your mind. Your look does not have to be complicated or expensive to achieve this.

> When would a person enlist the help of a Style Coach?

Anybody who would like to improve the way they look or feel. How you dress can really change how you feel and how you are able to cope with the daily challenges. When you start the day in a positive, powerful and resourceful state of mind, you are much more equipped to cope confidently throughout the day and without stress. How you feel when you step out the door in the morning is how your day will follow.

A Style Coach works one on one with a person, starting with an initial phone call followed by a consultation to assess the client’s personal needs. Following the consultation, an action plan and styling sessions will be planned based on the individual’s requirements.

These may involve assisted shopping stints or wardrobe consultation appointments. Inspiration for change in a person’s life can be triggered by events such as a life situation change, separation, weight loss etc.

> When would a business recruit your services, and how would it benefit them?

A business would benefit from my services when they are looking for an up to date and fresh corporate identity, unifying the brand of their business or creating a new business/brand image.

Restyling staff encourages them to feel proud of the company they work for, which will also reflect what the company stands for. When people feel more confident within themselves, the positivity flows onto others around them, including their colleagues and the public, which will contribute to better results for the business.

Carol Murray - Style Coach

Carol Murray - Style Coach

> You have recently done some big styling jobs for local and national organisations – tell us more about that?

My services have been well received in the corporate area, and I have recently completed work with groups of identified talent within the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney. This has involved restyling the staff and preparing them for impending challenges in their future roles within the organisation.

These sessions were conducted around personal executive presentation and positive guidance to enhance confidence within themselves and that of their colleagues.

I am also working with LUSC, the local Services Club in Laurieton, where I am restyling the staff by introducing a fresh and modern corporate wardrobe with a view to creating a unified business identity. This, I believe, will instil confidence within the staff and represent the Club and for what it stands for, in a fresh, modern and positive way.

More recently, I have been engaged in work with Culligan Water, which is a national company operating in Sydney. I have been conducting one on one Style Coaching sessions with the staff. I am also introducing a new look for the company, with a contemporary corporate wardrobe reinforcing pride in the staff, at the same time enhancing the ‘brand’ of their business.

> For someone embarking on a career in Style Coaching, where is the best place for them to start? What advice or pointers could you give?

If you have a passion for styling, creativity and helping others, then a career in Style Coaching is a positive direction and there are a number of comprehensive and very interactive courses online.

This area of work involves developing trust and a positive rapport with people, as it can be a very time consuming and draining process until you see results. But with passion and enthusiasm, it can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience.

With a combination of dedication, relevant skills and experience, Style Coaching is a very positive and inspiring area of personal development and growth to offer to others.

> In a role such as this I would imagine there is a lot of self-motivation involved. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the people I work with on a daily basis … meeting people that have dealt with great challenges in their lives and still have the motivation and determination to embrace and search for a fresh change.

I am inspired when I see people making the most of their positives with a feeling of self-worth and appreciation, and by the results that can be achieved when people learn more about themselves and work with what they have been given.

I am inspired by stories of courage and gratitude. I continue to be motivated witnessing people live the great feeling that comes with looking and feeling their very best.

> You are one of a small number of Style Coaches within this country. What do you find most rewarding about your job?

When a person is motivated to make positive changes in their life, they can begin to set new goals for their future, raising confidence and self esteem, creating a happy and fulfilling life.

I love my job, and being given the opportunity to make positive changes in a person’s life is so inspiring and exciting for me. I look forward to the challenges ahead and assisting people from all walks of life to embrace their own individual personal style and to learn how to look and feel their best everyday, at any age..

> Thank you Carol.

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