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After success on popular TV show the X Factor, Brothers3 have been busy writing and preparing for their latest tour. Brother Tayzin caught up with Focus to talk about life before their discovery – and what’s yet to come …

Give us a bit of an insight into your life before you were discovered on The X Factor

We were pretty much raised on our farm out near Mudgee, NSW. It has no electricity, running water and is basically in the middle of nowhere. Because we had nothing to do as kids, we started playing music, and that’s where we got our passion for it!

Are you self taught musicians, or have you had professional training?

We started off self taught and then as we got older and better, we started taking lessons. We did literally everything from piano and guitar to banjo and mandolin lessons.

What have been some of the highlights you’d like to share from the past few years?

Obviously one of our career highlights was X Factor. The whole journey was incredible and looking back on it now, you can really see us grow as a group and as brothers. It was amazing! Also, getting signed to a major record label was awesome. That’s what our goal was as a band, and to finally reach it is the best feeling. We’ve also met some international music stars, like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Jamie Lawson – and that’s pretty cool, to say the least!

Tell us about your album, Brothers Never Part. What was the inspiration behind the album, and how did you enjoy the creative process?

We wanted to write and release something that was unmistakable Brothers3. So what better way than name an album Brothers Never Part! The songs on it are basically a story of our past, our X Factor journey and what we want to do in the future. We recorded the album with Matt Fell, and he was amazing!

Besides your exposure to the world, what else has changed for you guys since The X Factor?

Honestly, we’ve become so much closer as brothers – as cheesy as that sounds! I guess when you’re in the public eye for months on end, you start to rely on each other for everything! And the fact that our album debuted at #11 on the Aria charts and #1 on the Aria country charts is absolutely incredible. We would never have been able to do that without our supporters!

What are you looking forward to most about being on tour?

Mostly playing live shows. The best thing about being musicians is sharing our music with people who love it as much as we do.

As brothers and working so closely together, how do you keep the peace?

It’s hard! Because we’re on the road so much, we spend hours together at a time. And the best way is to literally zone out to our headphones, listening to music!

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

We’re writing some new material at the moment. And we’re hoping to release an album soon! And then it’s back on the road, touring all over again.

Where can our readers go to follow your journey?

The best place is our website We also have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just look up Brothers3, and you can’t miss us!

Thanks Tayzin.


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