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Introducing Brenda Fernandez from East Coast Laser & Cosmetic Clinic.
Brenda trained as a Registered Nurse and is now working as an experienced Cosmetic Nurse.
Brenda has worked as an operating room nurse as well as a Practice Nurse for a local GP and Dermatologist. This is where her interest in skin began.

She started working for Dr Julie Knight at Coolenberg Clinic, assisting in cosmetic procedures, laser treatments and injections, and later at East Coast Laser and Cosmetic Clinic when it first opened. She has been there ever since.

Brenda has attended full injectable training including advanced techniques in Sydney and has, like all of her staff, undertaken a medical laser training course at West Mead Hospital (which is only offered to Doctors and Nurses) to use medical strength lasers.

Company values

Our company values are to offer the highest standard of care in a professional setting that is private and confidential, and is also friendly and comfortable, with a relaxed atmosphere. Our services provided are to meet our client’s expectations and to form relationships with customers so they remain ‘customers for life’.

Qualified staff

Our clinic is supported by fully trained Nurses who have all had the privilege of being trained under the direction of Dr Knight.

All Nurses attend regular updated training sessions to cover all areas of our clinic – from safety and infection control, to skin conditions, laser and cosmetic procedures.

Sheree Boyd-Smith has many years experience and is one of our beautiful, friendly, caring Nurses who is very thorough. Her time is always yours and you can count on the most genuine advice.

Michelle Dudley is a dedicated nurse who is very approachable, very knowledgeable about many skin conditions, and is passionate in delivering satisfying results. She loves to research and find the best products and services on the market, and bring them to our clinic.

Alison Kermeci is our newest Registered Nurse injector who has been in Sydney training, and has confidently managed to develop her own great style. Again, Alison is always happy to offer her advice and expertise, and is excited to be part of our team and our exciting, growing industry.

Carrin Romais is our Office Manager, Receptionist, organiser and planner specialist who always has a welcoming smile and goes out of her way to provide information, advice on our medical strength quality skin care range, and to give sound advice or refer over the phone.

Dr Ray Hodgson

Dr Ray Hodgson (MB BS Syd, MRCOG Lond, FRACOG) is our Clinic Doctor and Cosmetic Physician. He regularly attends cosmetic conferences and training updates in Australia and worldwide.

Dr Hodgson is available regularly at our clinic to offer extended advice on skin conditions, skin treatments as well as surgical options to best enhance your appearance.

Our treatments and equipment

Cosmetics is not just about making yourself beautiful, it is also an option to improve and control certain skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, scarring, sagging skin or undesirable face lines such as frown lines or ‘turned down mouths’.

With our recently updated lasers and our professional team, we now have the ability to offer the greatest number of quality services on the Mid North Coast.

To compliment our Limelight treatment we can now offer a better combination of laser treatments that work together to further enhance your results. Any discomfort is minimilised and these treatments require little down time, if any!

Our new Xeo Cool Glide is an Nd:YAG laser which effectively treats pigmentation, broken capillaries, and cosmetic leg veins, as well as cherry spots. It is a high quality permanent hair reduction laser and the New Genesis treatment is sensational in treating, inflammatory, red, rashy skins, open pores, skin imperfections, scarring, flushing chest and neck conditions. It helps to thicken the dermis which thins as we age, and rejuvenates to produce healthier skin. We are getting great results, and it’s a pleasant procedure to have.

Furthermore, we now have the latest Fraxel laser which is revolutionary in resurfacing skin, with little down time. Fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, open pores, imperfections and scarring can be greatly improved.

Even better, our Fraxel addresses stubborn brown spots like never before. Conditions such as Melasma should not be treated with IPL, as sometimes the condition is made worse if not properly diagnosed. Thankfully our laser is the first to treat this condition safely and effectively. The results are amazing. We also can give advice and a solution towards preventing the return of pigment.

Next we have the greatest NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT that is on the market today. It is sweeping the US and UK by storm and now it’s here in PORT MACQUARIE.

Our prices are geared for our local market and certainly are more affordable than surgery. The procedure is safe, with no down time and is not painful.

I am passionate about the art of cosmetic beauty treatments because there has been such a misconception of this industry. Our industry has copped a lot of flack and we hear so much about the overdoing of Botox (which granted, does happen) but often the stars that are pictured in the tabloids have had much more than ‘too much Botox’.

I believe people should be more informed about the benefits and the endless possibilities that can be gained.

On our side, we know how much we can do to improve one’s look, which often leads to an increase in self esteem and confidence, and this can also influence behaviour.

This in turn improves outcomes and thus life itself improves! Sounds dramatic, but I’ve seen it. I want improvements to go unnoticed, to be subtle, to enhance what makes each of us beautiful in our own way. I like all our clients to look like they have been on a great holiday, not look like they have had something done.

We can help by offering affordable solutions to gain remarkable results. Even better, most of our treatments are geared to prevent or slow down the aging process, so in 10 years we know we will be thanked and appreciated even more!

Sunscreen tips

Our first question to anyone is, ‘Do you wear a sunscreen?’ If the answer is no, that would be our first and foremost piece of advice. The greatest key to anti-ageing is to protect your skin from the sun.

Not only can it save your life, you will not improve your skin if you continue to damage it with the sun.

Sunscreen is best if it is zinc oxide based, must block out both UVA and UVB rays, and must be applied daily. Any exposure will affect the skin. We offer a healthy choice that mixes a high quality moisturiser with a good sunscreen, feels good on the skin, does not block pores or irritate skin … and works.

Feel good story

I must say, nearly every day we come across a nice story where we have improved someone’s life or the way they feel about themself. I can tell you one I had just yesterday that made me love what I do.

Upon consultation with a client, they shared with me that they had been single for quite some time, but had recently met someone special.  Now they were looking forward to a weekend away together. They really wanted to look their best and asked what would be the ideal treatment for them.

Dr Hodgson and I suggested some midface volumising, and upon our advice they went ahead with the treatment. The result was instant and dramatic and really lifted some sagging skin. They gained cheek bones and a younger, fuller face. They were so very happy and said, with the biggest smile, “wow, look at me! I’m really smiling again.”

You can see why I love my job! I hope people see that Dr Knight is still very much part of us.

Thank you Brenda.

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  1. Sharon ward says:

    hi Bren
    saw your article in the focus and just wanted to say how great you look
    and good on you for telling your story
    I didn’t even know you had breast cancer but
    wow you have come out the other side
    and so glad you are taking good care of
    yourself. A lesson for all of us
    You look fantastic and I love your shorter
    hair ….. Might even get mine cut off now !
    Luv shaz xo

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