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If you haven’t been to one of Brad Lockwood’s gigs then you might not quite qualify as a local. We catch up with Brad to talk about his career and what’s happening these days.
> Where did you grow up?

Well that reminds me of a joke told to me recently. A new school careers counselor is talking with a year eight class, and is asking children what they want to be when they grow up.

Counselor asks Johnny; “So what do you want to be when you grow up Johnny?” Johnny says; “I want to be a musician!”

To which the counselor replies; “Come on Johnny you can’t be both!”

Now to answer your question, I grew up way out west in the town of Orange and started playing music in my first band at the age of twelve.

I guess that explains a lot huh!

I’ll make an apology to any inquisitive history buffs now. To be totally honest I’m not a fan of living or rekindling past glory. I’ve met so many people particularly in this industry who identify themselves by what they’ve done in the past. The saying goes in the entertainment industry, “You’re only as good as your last performance”. My twist on that would be, “You’re only as good as you are now!” Maybe a bit too deep for the first question, do you what to try another one?

> Ok…….!   So how did your love of music all start for you?

My first memories of the world of music began with a child’s fascination of my grandmothers gramophone.. I can still remember playing over and over a tune called “Do what you do, do well boy!” and now on reflection it’s amazing how subliminally I adopted that philosophy. I’ve always endeavored to do what ever I was doing well.

> Was there a defining moment for you to know that music was your thing?

Mmmm interesting question, I guess my awareness of the thrill and excitement of entertaining a crowd came from my early involvement in school plays and musicals. I quickly developed a desire for attention and applause. Quiet a conundrum as I’m really not one for crowds or too much fuss. How complex the human ego is!

> What would you say is the pinnacle of your music career?

Two events really stand out for me; My proudest moment was the launch and release of my well over due debut CD, ‘Diversity.’ At the time I was so afraid of how it would be received and I knew I was taking a gamble releasing a CD with such a diverse range of material, though in hindsight it was a well calculated risk.

> And the second event?

I know you’re going to laugh but one of my fondest performance memories was the night that John Paul Young who was the guest at a local identities party got up and sang ‘Love is in the Ai’r and Van Morrison’s ‘Bright side of the Road.’ As I said earlier I grew up in the town of Orange and I remembered going as a teen to the Amoco Hall to see him. It’s a weird thing and difficult to describe but it was a real treat! And he sang that night better than ever.

> Even though you’re not big on past events could you tell us about the success you achieved with your debut album at the Australian Song Writers Competition?

Following the completion of the album I took a chance to see how my songs would be received in the judging arena, so I entered some of my originals into the biggest song writer’s competition in Australia – being the 24th Australian National Songwriting Contest. To my surprise I secured third place in the national contest for my tongue in cheek country song “That Ain’t Country!”

I also placed third for my song “True to your Heart”, in the Spiritual/Sacred/Gospel category, and with a co-written instrumental entitled “Reflections” with Russell Dick we placed tenth.

> So when’s the next album coming out?

I just knew you would ask me that….. I’ve been extremely fortunate during my career to have worked with some of the most gifted and talented musicians, and none more than the two guys I currently perform with, Russel Dick (piano) and Chris Trotman (flute and sax). We have been talking this up for a while now and it’s our intention to hit the studio early next year. But wait there’s more………….We may also have another surprise member soon. Last month we performed at the Westport 25 year Silver Jubilee reunion night. We secretly organised a guest artist (Sam Morely) ex Funky Devours singer from Sydney to perform with us and the response was so positive she may become a regular performer. She is a little occupied at the moment what with moving to the Mid North Coast and I guess you could say she‘s fully committed given that she’s due to give birth to twins sometime in August. So negotiations will continue after their arrival. Man can she sing!

> What’s the CD’s musical direction this time?

With the addition of Chris on sax most people who attend our performances would have noticed a change in our musical direction. I must admit we’ve had an amazing response and acknowledgement of our instrumental renditions. Maybe it’s time to stop singing……Ha! Ha!…. We’re not sure yet though I’m confident it will be another mixed bag of tricks.

> What have you been doing lately?

Most of our performances now are private functions, weddings and conferences which is what we love. To see us in action locally you can catch us at Rydges on the first Sunday of every month for their hugely successful Rhythm at Rydges. Though, you will need to book as it has been booked out every time. Unfortunately our next performance there in July will not include Chris on sax as he is off to the Sydney for his annual triathlon. We are hopping Sam will join us for something special. Our other favorite regular gig is at TG’s on a Friday night. What a pleasure TG’s is, it has a great atmosphere and better still no smoking. The venue seems perfect for our style of performance and is often attended by real appreciative audiences. Check your local gig guide.

> What’s this thing I hear about you?  “THE SINGING PSYC”

Ha! Ha!……Well……while most people know me for my musical exploits this is only the B side. For the past ten years I have been gaining certification and studying all aspects related to group training, counselling and psychology. I have completed certified training at the Australian Colledge of Applied Psychology and this year completed studies in Sydney with Creation Technologies in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) , Trance and Hypnosis and Neurological Re-patterning. To my knowledge I am the only certified practitioner using these techniques and processes on a daily basis on the Mid North Coast. I am currently employed by the St Agnes Parish with Centacare as the manager of their Personal Support Program (PSP) where I get the opportunity to assist people everyday, and I love it!

Creation Technologies has provided me with some of the most creative, effective and most powerful tools in the world today assisting accelerated human transformation in any aspect of focus; being any areas of life people may seek to change. I help people to stop doing things like Depression, Anxiety, Drug or Alcohol Addiction, Phobias and basically any negative or destructive behavior or habit.

> Ok, I’m intrigued what is Neurological Re-patterning?

Neurological Re-patterning (NR) is interrupting an existing neurological link in the mind between a trigger and its response simultaneously creating a positive association with a new desire, behavior, state or belief. Simply stated NR is the process of creating new synoptic pathways allowing us to develop different responses or more effective behaviors. It is a process in which we figuratively speaking, ‘rewire the brain.‘

Our life is the result of our beliefs, behaviors and expectations. NR is useful in systemizing and stimulating accelerated change – which enables people to develop, evolve, communicate and interact in ways previously not considered and thought only possible through years of conventional therapy. The emphasis with these techniques is on accelerated learning and more importantly they work.

> Thank You for your time Brad.

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