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The Bondi Cigars Bluesers are back in town with a new album, “Child in the Desert” – a smooth blend of blues and roots. FOCUS caught up with Alan Britton about the new album and what fans can expect at their forthcoming show …

Hi Alan. I believe this is the first time we have featured you in FOCUS, so introduce us to the band … Who makes up the Bondi Cigars, and what roles do you all play?

Hi Sarah. In answer to your first question, yes it is our first time at being in FOCUS, and thank you for the opportunity to be included in this issue. The band consists of Shane Pacey on guitar and lead vocals and principal songwriter for the band. We also have Eben Hale on vocals and guitar and who also contributes with the songwriting. On drums and percussion, backing vocals and songwriting we have Frank Corby. Finally, there’s me on bass, backing vocals and general dogsbody for the band.
What have been some of your most memorable moments?

It is hard to single out any one memorable moment, as we have had many, but performing at all the major festivals in Australia have been memorable in their own way. We have just come off a run off festivals starting with Gympie, Mitchell Creek, QLD and finally Bridgetown in WA, that have all been cherished memories in our diary.
Last year you released your seventh album, Child in the Desert. How has it been received?

Child in the Desert was an album that shows where the band were heading at that stage of our development. The album was recorded at 301 in Byron Bay and was engineered by Jordan Powers and assisted by Daniel Frizza, who both did a great job. The album was mixed at 301 Sydney and mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Studios. In all, the recording, mixing, and mastering were a very enjoyable experience.

The album was well received by the press and fans alike, so we have been happy that we can deliver an album that people are enjoying.
How would you describe Bondi Cigars?

Bondi Cigars are an amalgam of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Blues and some other secret ingredients thrown in for good measure. We have earned our following by touring to every state and territory in the country, getting to where our fans are and winning new ones over. It has been a band that works hard and delivers what our fans want to hear and see.

Who or what influences you when it comes to writing?

Firstly, I’m not a writer – I’ll leave that to Shane and Eben, as they know what they are doing. My personal influences come from R’n’B, Soul, Blues, New Orleans writers and performers, as well as British R’n’B and Rock players, who have given me so much enjoyment over my life.
You’re back in Port Macquarie this month, playing at Panthers on December 28. What are you looking forward to about being back here?

Last time we performed at Panthers was about 18 months ago, and we had a great audience that really gave back to us and inspired our performance, so we will be looking for more of that.
Where can our readers follow you guys and purchase your music?

Our CDs are available at JB HiFi and all good record stores and also available online at our website:

Thanks Alan.


Bondi Cigars at the Basement
When Thursday 28th December
Door 7pm | Show 7:30pm | Tickets $10

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