Bluejuice returns to Port Macquarie

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The legendary Bluejuice  will visit Port Panthers on January 13  – one of the band’s stopovers on their massive new tour.





Bluejuice returns to Port Macquarie this January. We ask Jake what the band has been up to since they were last here twelve months ago!

We have recorded a new album, which was a lot of fun, and we have released a couple of singles from it as well as the album itself. We have played a couple of shows – but not many, as we’ve been getting ready for our big summer tour that kicks off soon.

Can you tell us a bit about the new album and what it’s called?

Our new album is called Company. We have put together a Pop record this time, and our first single, Act Yr Age, is doing really well on YouTube and the usual outlets that you would find it. The new single is what we are touring off the back of. There are a bunch of other songs on there; this record, I believe, is a bit more mature. I really like it – I’m very happy with it.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the album … I see the songs you have come up with are a bit personal?

That’s true; they’re always pretty personal. Mmm … this is quite hard to answer; I’m not really sure what to say. They are all autobiographical relationship songs I guess, and that is why the record is called Company … you keep a lot of company in your life, no matter who you are or what kind it is. In this case, a lot of them are about my long term relationship ending.

So writing this new record, would you say that it was a bit of a healing process?

No, I wouldn’t say that. It was more of a love healing process, ‘cause it hadn’t even happened yet – but when it did, it was bad. I guess that’s what it’s about – you write songs, and you don’t realise what they’re about until later on.

Are there any collaborations on this new album?

There are, actually. We collaborated with Alex Burnett from Sparkadia, as well as Julian Hamilton from The Presets. I did a day of writing with Julian, and we came up with the last song that is on the record. I also did two days of writing with Alex and wrote two songs with him, Shock and Act Yr Age, which have been the first two singles off the record.

What do you hope the fans and listeners get out of the new album?

I would have to say that whatever our listeners and fans think they know of us, they take a look at this album and listen to the songs and see a lot has changed. We have also become a fair bit better, I believe, and that has been the most exciting thing for us. Try to listen to this new album, without thinking about what you already know about us.

You guys are heading off on tour at the moment. How far and wide are you heading?

Between this tour and Big Day Out and all the shows in between will be a very extensive tour, covering a lot of ground.

Are you guys looking forward to coming back to Port Macquarie?

Of course. We are happy to play and just like going anywhere, really.

What do you enjoy most about getting out there and seeing the fans and getting on stage?

Each show we do is different, so that makes it really fun and interesting. We meet people from the sensible to unpredictable. Sometimes the shows are great … sometimes not so great. It’s lots of fun, when so many people are all having a good night around you; you can’t help it but have a good night too.

We did read somewhere that sometimes you can get jealous of other bands. Who are you jealous of at the moment?

(Laughs). We are always jealous. The Jezabels are a band you can’t get past, so they would have to be top of the list, I guess. It would be a bit of both jealousy and admiration. It’s not a bad jealousy – it’s motivation to grow.

What’s happening in 2012 for Bluejuice?

A heap of festival tours, to be honest, and of course, the album has come out – so fingers are crossed for that to go well.

Thanks Jake.

Bluejuice will perform at Port Panthers on Jan 13. Doors open at 8pm; show starts 8.30pm. Contact Port Panthers on 6580 2300 for details.

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