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Known to many Port Macquarie locals for her bright and bubbly personality, Bethmay Jones has spent the past 16 years pampering clients and entertaining them with her sense of humour.

Well now you can be entertained and pampered from her own home. With children Adabella 3 and Zaide 1 in tow, she is embracing a new venture and has opened ‘Tonic Beauty Therapy’. We dropped in for a chat about family life and the new business, which she is very excited to tell us about.

> For those who don’t know you, give us a little bit of history about your career.

Time certainly flies when you are having fun! My love for beauty therapy started at a young age. I was very fortunate that my Mum encouraged ‘looking after yourself’ which extended to skincare. I remember treating school friends at lunch with my products – I loved a challenging skin condition even back then. After graduating from The Strand College of Beauty Therapy with International and National qualifications I gained employment back in Port Macquarie and was lucky to spend the last 14 years at Ella Bache, which not only let me continue my other love (travel), but also to produce two lively rugrats!

> Everyone keeps asking about your children, so fill us in.

Well I could say that at times they are free to a good home – but I won’t. They wake up with smiles on their faces, they don’t stop at all throughout the day, and they talk themselves to sleep. Miss Adabella loves to chat – watch out if she has you lined up, you will tire first, guaranteed. Mr Zaide is a destruction boy who then loves to put everything back together! They certainly keep us both entertained and it is truly amazing watching them grow into their own little people.

> How are you going to juggle family with your new business?

I face the same balancing act that all working parents do, I am just now very fortunate that I have the flexibility of working from our home. We are extremely lucky to have a wonderful family daycare provider, who loves our rugrats as if they were her own. Then between Scottie, the Jones content of this household, who is my backup (around his shift work). There are also true friends who are on standby. Of course my parents who live close by, have both gone beyond the call of duty in times of illness and often with little notice.

> What beauty treatments are you offering at Tonic?

At Tonic I am proud to have SOTHYS for my professional skin care line, where the results speak for themselves. I offer treatments that pamper, treatments that restore – just for you. These include Facial Fusion, Tonic Intensive Facials, Back and Body Bliss Treatments, Hair Removal, Hair Enhancing, Hand and Feet Treats, and Body Bronzing.

Gift Vouchers, which make the perfect present, are also available. I have a website which extensively covers all services at Tonic.

>  Tell us about your current favourite treatment – the Hanakasumi Body Ritual?

I am in love with this Ritual. You get to indulge your senses and your total wellbeing with warm Cherry Blossom rice powder gommage and melted oriental aromatic shea butter – a true total ritual for the entire body which ends with the most divine foot massage that is pure Tonic for any soul.

A bonus take-home product lets you continue your sensory journey. With Mother’s Day just around the corner I know what I would love … Hanakasumi me please …

> When are you open?

Tonic is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 4pm. I am available at other times but by appointment only.

> What else do you have planned for 2010?

We aim to enjoy this year. Apart from travel (I can recommend Hamilton Island), 2010 is the year to ‘seize the day’. If a course or training catches my interest I aim to attend. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and is an appropriate time to offer our mums some time out. SOTHYS spices up the dreary approaching Winter with a Fig, Cedarbark and Sandalwood Winter Warmth Seasonal Treatment. Thinking about it, the opportunities are endless … so go on, treat yourself to a little Tonic – just for you!

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